5 jackets, which we will wear this spring

The approach of spring means that soon the heavy coat, thick knitted scarves and warm shoes can be removed long-cabinet shelves. Light blouses and dresses will be the basis of our wardrobe a few weeks, but persistent cold weather, it is important to carry a light, but fairly warm jacket.

Together with stylists store multi-brand apparel GECCO Heroine made a selection of stylish spring jacket, which will be the completion of any original image.


5 jackets, which we will wear this spring

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If you value practicality, style and comfort, then you can start the spring with an extraordinary leather jackets DISCO from the German brand FREAKY NATION. It is made of soft genuine leather, which guarantees its durability and the perfect look for many years. A special attraction of the jacket gives the original colors in multicolor style: metal graphite shade harmoniously contrasts with the futuristic fiery tones. Despite the originality, leather jackets are incredibly versatile and goes well with any images.

2. Jacket ZOE by GIPSY

5 jackets, which we will wear this spring

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Stylish leather model from the German brand Gipsy in the spirit of rock 'n' roll will be a bright and stylish element of your image. It will emphasize your individuality, as the limited series. We cut jacket concise and interesting colors "wet asphalt", which means that you can wear the jacket as a fashion statement. Narrower sleeves decorated with a long fringe and front pockets with zippers give polished jacket chic, thanks to which you are unlikely to get lost in the variety of trends. Effectively, this model will look like with polusportivny images, and with light spring skirts and dresses.


5 jackets, which we will wear this spring


In the upcoming season will be sure to present rich, deep colors. So stylish black leather jackets color juicy sangria from the German brand FREAKY NATION will be an excellent new addition to your wardrobe. Decorative lacing on the sides and light play of colors ideal for those who want to experiment with color or spice up your boring spring wardrobe. You can wear it with any clothes, designed in black, brown white colors, as well as a total over-beige, which promises to be a big hit this spring.

4. Jacket SAMBURU from GIPSY

5 jackets, which we will wear this spring


If you are looking for something a little more sporty and everyday, pay attention to this exquisite leather model with small front pockets and stand-up collar of the German brand Gipsy. It combines high-quality materials, laconic style and original design. Reminiscent of a lightweight sports jacket, but it looks quite feminine. The jacket is perfect for off-season and looks elegant with jeans, straight cut shirts and casual dresses in casual style.

5. CHRISTY Jacket GIPSY by

5 jackets, which we will wear this spring


Classic leather black leather jackets always in trend, so is the perfect addition to the spring wardrobe. Despite the simplicity of the cut, the jacket looks fresh and focuses on the attention, thanks to the original fittings and contrasting appliqué on the back of white leather in the form of stars. This is the most versatile of all the models of the German firm Gipsy - it can easily fit into any everyday or festive image. GECCO - is a network of multi-brand stores, where you can pick up a trendy, stylish outdoor clothing and original accessories for every season. In the catalog you will find a variety of models of upper garment: branded jackets parks, coats, coats of leather, fur, suede and cashmere. All models meet modern trends, have an original cut, high-quality materials, a variety of colors.

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