9 trendy things for spring

Off-season gives us more opportunities to experiment with the style: to you another sweater, but with sandals; you have not yet removed the coat, but underneath it is already light blouse. We tell what things should look for in stores this spring (which, by the way, tomorrow!)

1. Blouse white peas

9 trendy things for spring

shirt print polka dot - a great way to freshen up an office wardrobe. Do you want to add the image of glamor vintage, combine it with red lipstick.

From what to wear: jeans with wide and bright sandals with heels; midi skirt.

2. midi skirt

9 trendy things for spring

The most actual length of the season - midi. Avoid heavy fabrics and rigid silhouettes. Choose a skirt made of silk, satin, chiffon and other delicate fabrics.

From what to wear: a brutal things like cheeky t-shirts or hoodies oversayz. footwear options also varied: from the boats at the hairpin to coarse shoes.

3. Leather Jacket

9 trendy things for spring

Must have the off-season to be voluminous and free, like most of the modern wardrobe: oversayz - still the most current trend in fashion. Forbid you from close Lagerfeld slim line jackets with ruffles, Basques and others atavism. Pay attention to the jacket-bomber, or good old "black leather jackets" - that they are unlikely to lose their importance in the coming years.

From what to wear: leather jacket trend style can be worn with anything. While on the street has not the month of May, experiment with multi-layered - Naquin on coat jacket or trench straight silhouette.

4. Jumper free cut

9 trendy things for spring

Shorter jumper - basic thing for spring wardrobe. Here is one tip: free silhouette. The color is chosen at its discretion. Bright will be the focus of the image, and nyudovy shade will look appropriate even in the office with a strict dress code.

From what to wear mini skirts, midi skirt, straight cut jeans.

5. Silk blouse

9 trendy things for spring

Satin and silk will not fail when you need to look chic, but not intentionally. Silk blouse can be worn to work, and in the evening go on a date in it. You will choose the right combination - no one will suspect you of excessive pathos or old-fashioned.

From what to wear: if you want to look feminine and not too luxurious, combining silk blouse with wide jeans and a trench coat. For evening image is fine pleated skirt below the knee length.

6. The dress with leopard print

9 trendy things for spring

This season gives us all a chance to show off in a leopard with her head held high. Animal prints are everywhere: in the shoes, accessories and, of course, clothes.

From what to wear: be wild, but not too much - tame bright colors surround jacket gray or black. Footwear is also better take monochromatic, eg white or black boots with heels.

7. Velvet

9 trendy things for spring

trousers or skirt of velvet - the stylish way to get back in the 90s or the first time to go there if you are under 20. You can take a suit jacket and a mini-skirt, wear it entirely or to mix every thing with other clothes. From what to wear: wear a skirt with a simple t-shirt or button-down shirt. Jacket - with flared jeans or wide. With more than wearing wide jeans, we have already told you.

8. Coverall

9 trendy things for spring

Falling in love with overall cost last year. Now the shops have more informal minimalist patterns, similar to dress the worker. Plus coverall is that you do not need to bother with combinations - it is almost ready to bow.

From what to wear: ennobling simplicity overalls accessories - belt with animal print, boots with heels or boots rough, colorful purse with the original design.

9. The dress or blouse Baroque

9 trendy things for spring

This spring we are shackled by one chain, to be exact - a print of the chains in the Baroque style. It looks festive, but not pompous - good for a bright image of the evening.

From what to wear: dress in such a need to be careful with decorations, print - in itself an accessory, so that additional chains or rings here to anything. Blouse combined with self-colored skirt, trousers or jeans.

Which of these things would you like to have in her wardrobe?