Spring Shoes: 6 main trends of 2019

Spring shoes this year is diverse: on the catwalks and among stritstayla can see the square noses, animalic style and exquisite boots. Heroine will tell you what to wear this season and how to care for footwear trend.

1. White Shoes

Spring Shoes: 6 main trends of 2019

White shoes - since last summer held in the top of the trend of things, and gradually transformed into an everyday wardrobe, along with black. From classic sneaker with a grooved outsole to sleek leather boots and ankle boots with a square nose - these shoes will refresh all your image.

How to care: of the white shoe care starts before going outside, not after. If you forget to treat it repellent, returning make sure there is no dirt on the shoes. If luck was not on your side, gently processed shoes with soap and water. When the spots are too many - not to aggravate the situation, to professionals and deliver shoes to the cleaners, especially if it is a natural, patent leather or suede.

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What to buy:

Boots, Mango, 13999 p.

Shoes, Mango, 8999 p.

Booties, Zara, 4999 p.

Sneakers, Zara, 3599 p.

2. The extravagant feathers

Spring Shoes: 6 main trends of 2019

Although the feathers may not be the most practical footwear decor, they will certainly look nice. The air and the amazing fountain finish will complement the well-spring, delicate images in different styles: casual, retro, boho-chic or sport.

How to care: If contaminated leather shoes can be treated with a soap solution, then with feather patterns, this trick will not work. These shoes need a professional cleaning and cleaning products, which are carefully remove stains from any material. What to buy:

Shoes, Milanoo, 3726 p.

Shoes, Econika, 2990 p.

Mules, Attico, 20524 p.

Slipony, Baldinini, 21417 p.

3. animalic print

Spring Shoes: 6 main trends of 2019

trendy trend this spring is considered shoes calfskin pony fur and wool, with snakeskin and leopard, we shall continue to see on the shelves and images stritstayla. Regardless of whether you prefer to dress in neutral colors or make shoes focus of his attire in contrast with other prints, experiment with combinations.

How to care: If you think that shoes with wool coating is not too practical, then you are mistaken. Cleaning of such shoes is quite simple: in most cases the dried mud can be removed with a shoe brush. If the dirt is strongly ingrained in the surface of the shoe, then it should be referred to the dry cleaners to avoid damaging the skin relief and maintain the state of the villi. There shoes carefully clean the experts using professional tools, and it will look like in the day of purchase.

What to buy:

Booties, Zara, 5599 p.

Booties, Zara, 8999 p.

Booties, Zara, 7999 p.

4. Stylish Embroidery

Spring Shoes: 6 main trends of 2019

Contrasting embroidery continues to be one of the most popular trends of spring-summer season. Your favorite denim skirts, sundresses or pants, casual dresses in neutral shades will go perfectly with embroidered sneakers, sneakers or shoes.

How to care: Use a brush with natural bristles horse to cleanse embroidered shoes. Do not try to force scrub stains if they are deeply ingrained in the material - can you break the structure of the embroidery.

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Sneakers, Zara, 2999 p.

Running shoes, Puma, 8590 p.

Sneakers, ASOS, 4190 p.

Shoes, ASOS, 2290 p.

5. Lacquered spring shoes

Spring Shoes: 6 main trends of 2019

One of the important materials of this spring - patent leather. The most popular is patent shoes with a large bright or beveled heel. It looks stylish, elegant and more stable than the shoes at stud.

How to care: At home, lacquered shoes should only be cleaned with a damp cloth. Otherwise, it quickly fade and crack. Restore the original appearance of lacquer shoes are at the cleaners. Masters remove stains and dirt that will restore the damaged parts and return the shoe shine.

What to buy:

Booties, Mango, 8999 p.

Moccasins, Mango, 2699 p.

Shoes, Zara, 2999 p.

Shoes, Violeta, 6999 p.

6. boots with pleats and high boots

Spring Shoes: 6 main trends of 2019

High boots we saw last season, combined with skirts, midi, and this is necessary to pay attention also to the suede boots with pleats in the shaft. Last combine comfort, versatility and aesthetics of light-hearted and are one of the few types of shoes that you can buy for the simple reason that it does not wear out quickly.

How to care: Status suede shoes will depend not only on the proper care, but also the climate. It is not necessary to wear suede boots in the pouring rain in spite of the fact that the suede is resistant to moisture, dirty water can be left on the shoe stains and spots. Wash suede shoes is strictly prohibited. It is better to wait until the mud dries, gently brush away its rubber brush. But no matter how many brushes you do not purchased bundled with a pair of the trend, remember, at least once a season suede needs professional care, so do not feel sorry for money if you do not want to buy suede shoes each autumn. What to buy:

Boots, Zara, 7999 p.

Boots, Zara, 9999 p.

Boots, Mango, 5499 p.

for spring shoe care involves not only the daily cleaning and proper storage, but also the timely removal of this old stains, abrasions and lost luster. Cleaners and care - it's good, but if you invest in expensive shoes, which will serve more than one season, then invest in a decent care. If we believe the trends, this shoe we wear for a long time, so you should think about the future.

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