5 Korean funds for March 8

March 8 - the perfect day to say his favorite women - mother, grandmother, girlfriend - how much you love them. It's also a great opportunity to present original and practical gifts to get them to smile once more. Heroine made an interesting selection of Korean cosmetics, which definitely will not be superfluous.

1. Face Cream Missha

5 Korean funds for March 8

Anti-aging face cream from Missha is a cocktail of anti-aging herbal ingredients that provide intensive nutrition, hydration and renewal for aging skin. So, ginseng is saturated with moisture, accelerates cellular metabolism and increases the production of collagen and elastin, responsible for skin elasticity. Exotic plant Rehmanniae helps to improve the complexion, removing the traces of fatigue and saturating vitamins and lotus extract cleanses and tightens pores, lightens freckles, pigment spots and stagnant.

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2. Serum primer Blithe

5 Korean funds for March 8

That means double-action incorporates the best quality moisturizing serum and matting of primer. It prepares the skin for makeup application, aligning its structure and improving the complexion, and at the same time heals due to the enhanced exposure to anti-aging components. The complex ceramides protects the skin against free radicals, moisturizing and starts the update process, niacinamide, ginseng extracts and busennika removed pigmentation and tighten the skin. Lightweight formula absorbs quickly into the skin, instantly reduces redness, eliminates shine and gives the skin a smooth and well-groomed appearance. Order serum

3. Regular mask A'PIEU

5 Korean funds for March 8

According to the texture and flavor of the mask resembles a delicate pistachio ice cream, melting quickly on your skin. She has a slight cooling effect, strengthens and nourishes, cleanses the pores and skin from the dead cells. Great for dehydrated and irritated skin. The complex of natural plant extracts softens and moisturizes the skin, aloe vera juice detoxifies and oxygenates, and green clay reduces inflammation and stimulates cell renewal. With regular use of masks the skin becomes clean, smooth and supple texture aligned, fade age spots and inflammation.

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4. Grout for then Tony Moly

5 Korean funds for March 8

Ideal for those who all his life struggling with oily skin, enlarged pores and elements of post-acne. Grout can effectively align relief and skin tone, remove shine, to make wrinkles less visible and inflammation. Due to its member plant extracts and fine powder, it reduces the production of sebum, leaving inflammation, and skin remains matte for a long time. Has a dense but delicate texture and pleasant aroma of citrus caramel does not roll, it does not clog the pores and peeling stresses. It can be applied to the skin as a standalone tool or as a stand masking base for makeup. Order grout

5. Tint Lip The Saem

5 Korean funds for March 8

Aromatic caregiver has TINT resistant water-based formula and light, non-greasy texture. Quickly absorbed into the skin, filling the saturated colors, and does not feel on the lips. It is composed of natural ingredients that help to restore dehydrated skin of the lips, make it more soft and supple. The extract of honey and soften the skin, hyaluronic acid, saturated with moisture and nutrients, and hydrolyzed collagen smoothes and starts regeneration. Tinta available in 5 rich colors and flavors: ripe cherry, juicy apple, exotic red mango, sweet persimmon and delicious watermelon.

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All of these tools can be ordered online Internet store Korean cosmetics Lunifera. In the catalog you will find the hydrophilic oil, cleansing creams, refreshing tonic, peeling for the body, moisturizing serum for hair and much more. All cosmetics, presented on this site is based on natural ingredients that are safe for the skin and does not cause allergies.

And what Korean cosmetics you use are you?