Where to find stylish and roomy backpack for spring

Modern accessories - this is more than a beautiful thing, the designers take into account not only the style, but also the needs of women: instead of having to stuff, bring your laptop and other gadgets to quickly get what you need, on the go and complete the image of stylish details.

Today we tell about the original backpack Bobby Elle Dutch company XD Design, with which you can easily move around the city, to work in any convenient place and look according to the latest trends.

Your valuables will be safe

Where to find stylish and roomy backpack for spring

Bobby Elle equipped with an additional level of protection, is therefore able to prevent the theft of valuable items. In an internal department of special padding sewn PP Board, and himself a backpack made of thick polyester, smooth and pleasant to the touch material having a high strength. This combination of materials, it is difficult to cut the bag and do not draw attention to themselves. Get to content also did not give a hidden zipper and a secret compartment on the back of the backpack, which is suitable for storing documents, tickets or credit cards.

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The design according to the latest trends

Where to find stylish and roomy backpack for spring

Bobby Elle is available in several pastel colors: light blue, denim blue, coffee, dusty pink, light gray, slate and classic black. Such diversity makes it easy to combine the backpack with different images, inscribing both in everyday and in the office onions. The surface of the backpack is made of waterproof polypropylene, so Bobby Elle nestrashnye precipitation and cloudy, and reflective elements arranged in the front, will be safe walking at night.

Allows you to be mobile

Where to find stylish and roomy backpack for spring

For those who lead an active lifestyle, a lot of moves in the city or travel light, Bobby Elle will be indispensable. The backpack fits a lot of things, and thanks to special compartments inside can be easily arranged order and find a place for everything. Going for a walk, put it in his phone, wallet and a bottle of water. Do you want to work outside the home or poisoned for a break in a cafe - for a netbook or tablet here too there is a place. Bobby Elle useful when traveling or short trip, it will fit the necessary things - documents, cosmetic, toiletries and a pair of replaceable things. So instead of parsing the suitcases you can immediately go to get acquainted with the sights.

Spring Fashion accessory

Bobby Elle - a stylish accessory that will look dull and fresh this spring. Compact and neat, but it is roomy and nelishenny functional backpack will easily be combined with a light spring dress, denim overalls or severe trouser suit. High-quality materials, sleek silhouette and trendy shades allow to remain in style and make even a respectable daily image. In this case, the backpack evenly distribute the load and, unlike the bags will not bend under the weight of the burden of the spine. Bobby Elle - a casual accessory with great functionality, combining protection, comfort and stylish design.

Order pack, please visit the company Inspector Gadgets, which is guided by three main principles: a reasonable approach to the selection of goods, the creation of a pleasant design and the formation of a comfortable lifestyle. So you should indulge in such a practical thing that will come in handy in various situations: on a casual walk around the city, a working meeting or a long-awaited trip. To get a 15% discount when ordering please specify promotion code MART8.

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