How and what to wear designer clothes

Previously, designer clothing was associated with luxury, and today - is the choice of practical people, those who appreciate style and comfort above all else. Together with designer Catherine Bodrunova we'll show you how to create a modern and functional wardrobe, in which every thing is ideal.

How and what to wear designer clothes

are guided by the bridge brands

Bridge Brands (bridge brand) - a market segment created at the junction of expensive clothes from the fashion houses and mass-market. These things are often produced in limited edition, with quality, not conceding a luxury, but a more affordable prices.

Market bridge brands began to develop during the 2008 global economic crisis. Now it is relevant because of the fashion for reasonable consumption: people do not want to spend a fortune on clothes.

Invest in quality clothing

Along with the bridge brands gained popularity and the idea of ​​slow fashion - such an approach, there is no need to chase the fashion to look cool: it is enough to fill a wardrobe novelties like you suitable.

Choose your designer, the vision of which are close to you, and follow his work. There is no guarantee that every model is sure to suit you, but to be subscribed to updates on the website or in social networks - will not be superfluous. Slow fashion will help to avoid overconsumption, reduce harmful effects on the environment and save your money. Brand KATERINA BODRUNOVA is such a - he advocates is not a race for the season, and thoughtful periodical update of colors and silhouettes. It's completely Russian production, in which the brand monitors all stages from production to dyeing yarn knitwear and create models of outerwear, trousers and accessories - belts and bags.

The idea that lies at the heart of the brand philosophy - quality. This is what is paramount, something that none of the manufacturers of clothes should not be neglected. The clothes we wear - it's social status, our health and good spirits. It simply has to be of high quality and to please as long as possible.

Do not be afraid to spend a little more on the quality thing, because in the end it will be cheaper more spoiled at the first wash.

forms a capsule wardrobe

Designer clothes are best suited to create a capsule wardrobe - in contrast to the mass-market, they are made in the same style and easy to combine with each other.

Use your main functional wardrobe rule: every new thing must still be combined with at least two of the ones that you already have.

If you form a capsule wardrobe from scratch, be ready to spend money. Remember that investing in their own style, but also saves time and nerves. When things set is ready, just need to think through the different combinations, to fix them (you can even make a list with images), and you'll always know what to wear for any occasion. Do not forget that in any situation come to the aid accessories. Sometimes colored belt can work a miracle and make one dress - five. A brooch will bring together the seemingly incompatible pants and jacket.

Inspiration can be drawn into public servers stylists, shooting a fashion weeks, consult with a stylist in the showroom.

Be sure to pay attention to how things are multifunctional. Much nicer to buy a dress that can be worn 20 different ways than the same type, as in every other employee of your office.

Define basic things

In order to properly think through a combination, stripped the clothes into its component parts. Basic things - those that are well-suited as a simple way to accent and clothing.

On the Internet a lot of lists that should be in the wardrobe staple, but you should understand that everyone has his own. If you are more likely to spend time in business meetings and in the office, your database can be pantsuits. Creative person or freelancer can be considered a base favorite jeans and turtleneck. Simply put - it's the things that you wear most often.

Do not be shy accent items

Wardrobe, consisting entirely of the basic things get boring, no matter how loved and versatile they are. Diluted accent their designer clothes.

If you want to create your own style, do not be shy to try new things. Original styles, colors, unexpected accessories - something that catches the eye. Do not be afraid to stand out and do not wait for a special occasion to dress up. A distinctive feature of the brand KATERINA BODRUNOVA - communication with customers. In the era of anonymity online stores this is especially true. The company's work is based on trust and friendship, created a community of intelligent and interesting women around the world who meet and communicate not only on fitting and parties. Being introduced in the showroom, they begin to make friends, develop joint projects or travel together.

The showroom offers free consultation service professional stylists - they will help you choose what is right for you, will be combined with the rest of the wardrobe and make a list of desires for the future. Consult before purchasing and can be in personal correspondence - in a basket on site to easily arrange delivery anywhere in the world.