How not to spend a lot of time laying: 7 tips from stylist

In the hands of a barber styling process it is very simple: water, combed, dry. Repeat these manipulations at home and get the same effect from the first time is rarely possible. But a little practice, and you can confidently handle own hair. Heroine consulted with experts hair styling appliances Scarlett TOP STYLE line and made a few basic tips on packing.

Scarlett TOP STYLE creates technology for hair care based on the experience of professional stylists, but for ordinary users. With their hair dryers, stylers and hair tongs can easily recreate a salon styling at home. In each product is enclosed brochure "Style Guide", in which the leading stylist Scarlett TOP STYLE Vera Mashurova explains how to use the technique, and gives tips on caring for your hair.

How to Choose a styling tool?

How not to spend a lot of time laying: 7 tips from stylist

As a rule, such a relationship: the lighter the hair, the easier styling. For fine hair: liquid for stacking; for medium and thick: foam \ mousse; for rigid and unruly: a gel and wax.

How to keep laying all day long?

Use a dry shampoo on the roots - with the proviso that the hair properly laid hairdryer.

Do I have to use thermal protection?

Better use, especially in stained, blondirovannyh hair or permed.

What if the hair on one side are stacked, and the other - no?

How not to spend a lot of time laying: 7 tips from stylist

Train front of a mirror until you receive. Watch video tutorials on YouTube or our brochure "Style Guide". If your hair is long, thick and prevent the installation, then fix the clamps and make piecemeal.

What is better to use a comb for styling curls?

Circular, the average diameter, with a soft bristle brush to the hair does not tangle. Better if it will be with an antistatic effect and the ability to retain heat. Prolonged use of such a comb nippers acts almost like a hot dryer.

As a quick fix failed styling?

Wet hands or a comb and remove unnecessary relief.

How to quickly achieve volume?

Maximum towel to remove moisture from hair, apply a hair-drying or flash-conditioner and fixing means.

Strong dry hot air flow in constant motion, giving the bulk of the roots of the hair comb, brush.

A good technique is at times easier your hair care. The basic thing that is useful for laying, - hairdryer. As you will find hairdryers line Scarlett TOP STYLE with many modes, different nozzles and ionization function which protects hair from being damaged even when dried at a high temperature.

Choose hair dryer