How to be creative freelancer with MSI PS63 Modern

In modern professionals less reason to stay in the office: with good facilities you can be an effective and mobile at the same time. In most cases, all you need for a successful freelancing - a smartphone and a good computer, which will be your main tool. We found a great device for creative and active people - MSI PS63 Modern. Will tell how it will look your remote to work with this laptop.

How to be creative freelancer with MSI PS63 Modern

Can you take your laptop with you wherever you go, so as not to miss the inspiration

Laptop with a thin aluminum case saturated carboxylic gray lighter than most of its competitors in this size - weighs just over one and a half kilograms. This is unlikely to be tired to carry the city: convenient to take in coworking, cafe or park.

MSI created this model in collaboration with the Discovery Channel, hence the concept of a laptop - modern, powerful tool for those who are always ready to explore the world and create new ideas.

Mobility is embodied even in the charger: power supply thin and light to match the computer.

to work all day without worrying about recharging

PS63 Modern well suited for people with active lifestyles. The device is able to operate without recharging for up to 16 hours: enough for a long meeting or a day trip to nature.

In addition, the laptop will not "die" and your phone. A new feature Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 allows you to rapidly charge your smartphones: 4 times faster than a conventional device. To charge does not even need to turn on the laptop - the main thing that your gadget also supports this technology.

is easy to write a

At PS63 Modern convenient to work with the texts. The keys are easy to press, but due to lighting can be comfortable writing in low light.

This model has an elongated touchpad - 5, 5 * 2, 5 inches, so the surface is protected against accidental clicks. At the same time, he quickly responds to movement and, like all current models, correctly recognizes gestures - scaling with three fingers to switch between applications with a single swipe, and others.

Laptop creators have taken care of information security at PS63 Modern have an integrated fingerprint reader. Log in the system with one touch and not worry about data security.

Another reason why this laptop is easy to write - he is silent. This is especially important for those who can only concentrate in silence.

To see all the details and nuances of color

With high-quality image on the screen PS63 Modern any work a pleasure.

At 15, 6-inch notebook 1080p resolution and crisp detail. According to independent tests Laptopmag edition, brilliance and brightness of the picture on the screen is much higher than that of other models in the premium segment. All thanks to a wide color gamut technology and exclusive True Color.

The computer has several preset display modes optimized for different types of applications - you can pick and choose for themselves a comfortable picture. The ratio of the screen area and chassis PS63 Modern as 86% - thanks to a thin frame 5, 6mm. Webcam above the display to shoot video in 720p resolution.

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Perform any creative work

Thanks to the latest Intel Core i7-8565U processor and 16 GB. RAM, which are easily raised to 32 GB, PS63 Modern laptop copes with multitask and computationally intensive. Dozens of tabs on Chrome, rolled Photoshop and music player - you can deal with several things at the same time, the device performance is not reduced.

This notebook is ideal for different creative work: complex photo editing, video editing - and it will require much less time to render than other notebooks in this segment.

PS63 Modern - a computer for a living, and powerful enough for the job, and for games. With it you can even play in the Class AAA news - albeit not at the maximum setting.

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