What to do with the small hairs on the forehead

Typically, 90% of hairs are in the active growth phase, whereas the remaining 10% are in the resting phase. But if you have a hormonal failure occurs - for example, increased estrogen levels, this distribution may change. These imbalances can lead to the fact that you will be fine hairs across the forehead - which is not enough that is too short to put them in a bang, so still and completely unruly. Today, we have gathered a number of ways to cope with the regrown hair, which still can not be turned into a full fringe.

Change parted

What to do with the small hairs on the forehead

Depending on how you grow fine hair, it makes sense to think about how to change the parting on the other side. Hair may grow slightly different speeds over the entire head, so that the change in direction of laying is able to visually correct the problem with protruding hairs.

Use a spray or tonic

When very short hair, which pushatsya and begin to look at a variety of hand - use natural remedies for their restraint. Take a clean water bottle with a sprayer and a few drops of witch hazel extract, which can be purchased in a drugstore. You can apply a little detergent directly on the hair or hair brush with natural bristles and comb the hair on the line of growth. This method will work just as effectively as hairspray, but do not deprive your hair of moisture they need.

Pick accessories

What to do with the small hairs on the forehead

Use headbands or hair headbands, hats, caps and other hats that will help for a long time to hold the hairs grow back and prevent them from scrolling. Experiment with accessories, for example, examining how unusual a silk scarf can be fastened.

Think of other hair color

If now you have dark roots, the appearance of fine hair, which is not enough for bangs - stands out against the background of your skin. You have the opportunity to try painting of hair in a light tone, to disguise the roots. To some it may seem that it would weaken them and do not allow hair to grow faster, but if you use high-quality preparations for the care and ensure their diet filled with useful trace elements, it will not be a problem.

What to do with the small hairs on the forehead

Applies spray for hair growth

Use Hair Spray with natural additives for water based: it is enough to mix 10-15 drops of rosemary oil or coconut pure water in the cup. The resulting tool is worth every evening to rub in hair roots, focusing on the forehead.

Do you Interfere with short hair who still can not put in her hair?