What you need to know about glycolic acid

We continue to talk about what to look for when purchasing beauty-tools. Today, we understand what it means to glycolic acid, it is better than the usual scrub and at what concentration it is necessary to apply.

What is glycolic acid?

What you need to know about glycolic acid

Glycolic acid - one of the alpha-hydroxy acids, obtained from sugar cane. As well as other AHA-acids, such as malic, or lactic acid, it is a common ingredient in many products for skin care.

From a chemical point of view, acid - a small molecule that can penetrate deeply into the skin, and its main function - a chemical exfoliation.

Chemical exfoliation has much more advantages in contrast to the mechanical with a scrub or a hard brush: it is suitable for all skin types, it helps to minimize dark spots and prevents micro-sensitive skin.

When is it used?

In most cases, glycolic acid is used in the treatment of skin prone to acne. Any inflammation usually arise from the fact that dead cells clog the pores of the face, and with an acid permeation in follicles, you can release sebum and proteins.

What are some benefits?

What you need to know about glycolic acid

Glycolic acid has anti-aging properties. The same dead skin cells that cause acne, make the skin dull. In his youth, our cellular metabolism is quite fast, but after 25 the process begins to slow down, and glycolic acid helps to compensate for this. Another advantage of using the means with an acid: it helps to restore pigmentation, which deteriorates due to exposure to sunlight or scars. Any AHA-acids help align overall skin tone and eliminate the large amount of excess inventory pigment.

Using acid also stimulates collagen production, which affects the firmness and elasticity of the skin, and regular use allows you to prepare the skin for other beauty products: retinol, antioxidants, vitamin C and other means.

What is the concentration necessary to choose?

What you need to know about glycolic acid

Glycolic acid with different efficiency found in a wide range of products, including cleansers, toners, creams, masks and peels. Perfect percent glycolic acid for home use is from 8 to 30%.

The creams usually contain about 15%, and the concentration is suitable for daily use. Masks and peels are applied once a week, and their concentration is generally at most 30%.

When selecting a new product should pay attention to the pH: the ideal option would be a "lower acidity", approximately 3.5.

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