How to go exploring in jewelery

The engagement ring is different from a wedding, what are the earrings and why during the cold season can not do without brooches. Along with the jewelry house Kabarovsky we have compiled a complete guide to jewelry.


Engagement and wedding rings can be distinguished by strictly designated place for him on the hand - the ring finger - and appearance.

The Engagement Ring, as a rule, looks simple, without elaborate decorative elements. It must be easy to use in everyday life, yet it relies to wear, almost without lifting.

engagement ring may be smarter engagement traditional option - a ring with a single diamond.

Cocktail - a catchy ring with a striking design which is intended to be a focus of the entire image. By the name you have already guessed, for what reason should wear this accessory.

Rings. If cocktail ring may be jewelry, a ring necessarily made of precious metal and is decorated with precious or semi-precious stone, or pearls. This gem is located in the center of the ring, it can be surrounded by smaller stones, but still draws the focus.

Stamps. Such a ring is a ring accent reminiscent of the central part, but instead of a stone on her metal platform with initials, emblem or other iconic symbol.

Trinity. The inventor of the ring design is considered by Louis Cartier, who created the accessory of the three intersecting circles. Trinity is now doing even two or more of the three circles. Wenzel. A popular form that combines originality and conciseness. This crimped ring with a rough circle, often decorated with a row of small stones.

phalanx rings. It is the whole structure of two or more rings. In the Middle Ages such an accessory worn only by aristocratic ladies. In the last century phalanx rings were especially popular with the representatives of subcultures, and today is a bright democratic decoration.

Rings-brass knuckles. interconnected rings which are worn directly on several fingers. Their fate is about the same as that of the phalanx rings true-knuckles rings were also a means of self-defense, and not just a way to show the status.

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Carnations or earrings pusety. Their main advantage - universality. Thanks to concise manner such decorations suitable for any image, from casual to evening. Stud earrings to choose, if you already have a massive necklaces or bracelets.

Threads. Earring with string or chain. Length can vary from the ear lobe until the clavicles, especially with today's trend in volumetric earrings. Special chic - asymmetrical earrings: one can be a stud, and another - thread.

Lockets. oval-shaped earrings with a central portion of the gemstone. At the heart of earrings can be other materials, such as hot enamel, is also decorated with stones.

Rings. These earrings can be completely different sizes, from small neat classic oval to a massive ring. Despite the variety of decor, the main focus in these earrings is the shape. Do not forget that well-chosen earrings will help correct shape of the face. If you have a square face, choose oval or drop earrings - they soften corners. Extra Long earrings with geometric pendants lengthen a round face. Massive earrings and chain will balance a narrow chin on a triangular face.

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Jewelry pendants usually worn on a chain of precious metal, although it could be a silk ribbon. As a pendant ornaments choose any subject, popular religious and ethnic symbols, as well as their own initials or signs of the zodiac. the most common of religious symbols - the cross. It can be both traditional and concise, and accentual quirky accessory.

Particularly elegant look a little chains with laconic pendants, worn once.

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The main varieties of jewelry bracelet: a ring and a chain. The first form is more rigid, it may be formed as a helix, without open ring or a closed rim fasteners, which need to thread the arm.

Bracelets, chains come in different widths and weaving, they are often decorated with suspension.

Massive wide bracelets look good on girls with a very thin wrists.

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Necklace - a necklace, adjacent to the neck, as a rule, more free than the choker, and made from precious metals. Decorating it may be removable, as a conventional suspension, or built. The central part of the necklace - accent decorative element, often it is larger than the rest of the accessory. Collier, though it sounds grand, but good not only for the evening image.

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This is an accessory that is pinned to the clothing, not necessarily on the chest. The brooch can be worn on the scarf, skirt, shoulder and wherever appropriate. Especially important is the decoration in the cold season, when the neck is often closed and devoid of accessories. In this case, the bright brooch can replace a necklace.

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How to go exploring in jewelery How to go exploring in jewelery

The most popular jewelry for body piercing - Rod. It is a straight or bent metal rod on which the wound dressing. Needless decoration can be anything: from the bright flower to fine laconic stone.

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