Why so expensive: the difference between cosmetics mass market and luxury

Why so expensive: the difference between cosmetics mass market and luxury

beauty industry is surrounded by many myths and suites confrontation and the mass market, it seems, it will last forever. While some people believe that the most expensive in the world cream will provide eternal youth, while others believe that cheap means not worse.

Contradictory 90s inspired us that all shampoos are bottled from one barrel, ie amounts due to bonuses and more affordable cosmetics brands do not differ, and we pay only for the name, packaging and advertising.

We do not rule out the possibility that somewhere it is really so, but leave it to the conscience of manufacturers. Fortunately, on the market a lot of brands that are relevant to your customer with respect and care. Heroine understands why so substantially different prices for creams and serums in the luxury segment and the mass market.

Current technologies to guard Beauty and Health

Why so expensive: the difference between cosmetics mass market and luxury

Once the word "chemistry" and "synthetics" are associated with something substandard and surrogate. If cosmetics manufacturers offer us to put the entire periodic table, why pay more?

However, the chemistry strife chemistry. Yes synthetic components are used as a cheap substitute for natural or more complex components, but this is not always the case.

Mankind has finally come to the realization that the natural resources of our planet are exhaustible, and some of them even impossible to fill. Modern science is looking for effective solutions that not only save what is left, but also will benefit a person. Scientists are improving existing and developing new synthetic components, which by their efficacy and safety sometimes surpass the natural ingredients and more stable behavior in the composition of cosmetic formulas.

These developments take years and a lot of money, because without qualified specialists and the latest equipment it is simply impossible. Every search is always accompanied by a check. If you're not confident in the safety of ingredients, can cause irreparable harm to the health of the consumer. Class cosmetic brands do not risk their reputation suite.

The synergy of synthetic and natural components

Why so expensive: the difference between cosmetics mass market and luxury

The basis of the effectiveness of many cosmetics luxury on the principle of synergy of synthetic and natural ingredients. Working together as part of a cosmetic formula, they give amazing results.

If a synthetic component can be developed, the natural need to find more. Cosmetic companies are trying not to take advantage of the development of rare and endangered species of plants, so spend years trying to find a replacement among the plants, which is not in danger.

When necessary natural component finally found, he must pass all the examinations and tests. Not only to prove its effectiveness, you must still learn how it behaves in combination with other ingredients.

If the research results are not satisfied, cosmetic experts continue to search.

Why so expensive: the difference between cosmetics mass market and luxury

This is a very time-consuming and expensive process, in which we also contribute by choosing a worthy tool and a decent producer.

The quality of raw materials

Why so expensive: the difference between cosmetics mass market and luxury

Of course, the grass with grandmother's garden best. But my grandmother does not grow natural raw materials on an industrial scale. Using herbal ingredients in the composition of cosmetic formulas, experts point out that, where plants are grown, how they are going to grow what grounds, what the environment in the region of their habitat.

To reach the ideal formula, sometimes it is necessary to collect natural ingredients from all over the world. Then begins a long and laborious process of their research, because each component must be of high quality, efficient and dividends.

Why so expensive: the difference between cosmetics mass market and luxury

Search for active ingredients

Almost all cosmetics contain in its composition, biologically active additives which affect the biochemical processes in the skin cells.

Active components must possess a number of beneficial properties for the skin. This replenishment may be missing components enzymes, protection from damaging effects of different (ultraviolet radiation, free radicals, microbes, cold, dehydration, and other minor damage).

Active ingredients provide a key means of the result. Search, study, tests, quality of raw materials, compatibility with other components of the formula, the influence of the means of texture - all this requires a lot of effort and expense.

The base means

Learn the tools database. Base - the foundation, an emulsion in which manufacturers add the active ingredients. It affects not only the texture and consistency, but also the result of the penetration of active ingredients to the purpose, that is, the efficiency of funds. In more expensive vehicles from bona fide manufacturers base is always high quality.

Why so expensive: the difference between cosmetics mass market and luxury

An example of a luxury brand

All these principles in their work in compliance with the French brand Clarins. Clarins laboratory experts not only use modern technology.

They study the specific needs of women, to create care products that are not only highly effective, delicate texture and pleasant aroma, but also help to emphasize the individual beauty.

Laboratory experts draw inspiration from the depths of nature. That plants are the cornerstone of all Clarins innovation. The work of the French brand is based on the principle of biomimetics. Scientists are trying to explore nature without violating its laws, and apply this knowledge in the creation of cosmetics.

Clarins formula funds are constantly being improved. In this case, change some formulas inevitably affects the other. Even if the tool has already become a bestseller, experts continue its research and development to create an even more efficient products. This is a very expensive operation, which also affect the value of the products as well.