Veneers put in 1 day

Veneers put in 1 day

Ideal even, white teeth of Hollywood stars - not just the result of a careful daily care and regular visits to the dentist twice a year. To bring the teeth in order and get rid of the defects with minimal medical intervention, the people resort to aesthetic dentistry. Heroine tell what veneers, what problems they can solve, and where to put them in order on the same day to get out of the dentist with a perfect smile.

The material we have prepared together with the dental clinic of "Dental", which quickly, efficiently and painlessly will assist patients with any condition of the teeth. From orthodontics to restore teeth with implants - Clinic specialists have all the modern dental technology, which will help to achieve the best results with minimal trauma teeth. If you feel discomfort when you drink hot tea, eat sweets or just being outdoors in the winter - sign up for a consultation in "Dental". Here you will examine your teeth and gums, make individual treatment plan. If treatment is not necessary, the doctor will give you individual advice on the care of teeth. Remember that visit the dentist every six months should be to promptly fix the problem and prevent its development. Sign up for a free consultation

What it is

Veneers - a special plate thickness up to 0, 3 millimeters, usually adhesive at the front surface of the teeth. Usually they are made of ceramic or porcelain health. To install dentist grinds an upper layer of enamel to most natural looking veneers.

What problems are solved

Veneers put in 1 day

Veneers - almost universal method for solving aesthetic problems with the teeth and prevent further destruction. Install them can be in the following cases:

  • If you have a few crooked teeth, but you do not want to put braces;
  • In order to restore the natural color of your teeth or make them for a couple of shades lighter;
  • When you need to correct any defects, in particular affecting the shape of the teeth;
  • Do you want to close the chipped, cracked or diastema - a gap between the teeth;

However, the procedure has contraindications and, in particular bite line, too thin layer of enamel, the absence of teeth in the gum area, the presence of large fillings and nocturnal teeth grinding. However, in the latter case, the patients were advised to wear silicone caps for the night and go through relaxing treatment of masticatory muscles.

Where to put the

Veneers put in 1 day

In the clinic "Dental" certified specialists, who will advise you on the installation of veneers and be able to put them throughout the day. Here the set of ceramic veneers - they are able to serve you up to 20 years, do not cause allergies and does not require special care, let you keep your teeth healthy, not prone to discoloration even with frequent consumption of tea, coffee and red wine.

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