Angelo Marani Collection Fall Winter 2012-2013

Angelo Marani Collection Fall Winter 2012-2013

At the fashion week in Milan, the fashion brand Angelo Marani has presented his new collection Fall Winter 2012-2013. Unrivaled elegance and femininity distinguish sparkling collection Angelo Marani from other brands.

Warm and beautiful things, among which you can see the wonderful coats, skirts and dresses from the cozy jersey garments trimmed with fur and a lot of animalistic prints, harmoniously combined with the saturated blue and black colors.

All models are designed to emphasize femininity and decorate their wearer. The color scheme is mainly relaxed and not strongly knocked out of the dark range, only occasionally flash red blotches and shades saturated indigo. The fabrics used in the collection, natural and warm, they dress in nice cool weather: knitted fabric, jersey, wool, leather and fur. Boots adorning the feet of models, trimmed with fur on the upper edge, giving playfulness and elegance of an already very delicate and feminine collection.

Silhouettes of straight or slightly flared, A-frame, right. Models from Angelo Marani suitable lover to seduce, deceive, and others like it in any situation, as no doubt the owners will make their more fatal queen of men's hearts.

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