Grunge style in the collection Spring-Summer 2013 by Gary Graham

Grunge style in the collection Spring-Summer 2013 by Gary Graham

Gary Graham reveals to us his new spring-summer collection 2013 grunge style. His collection is inspired by the novel of Jean Genet (Jean Genet) Our Lady of the Flowers (Our Lady of the Flowers).

Lookbook womenswear presented designer looks pretty romantic, mainly due to the light and flying weightless fabrics and soft shades, but adjusted for the antique and neo glamorous grunge Style.

Here, along with the ease, can be found and heavy fabrics with digital prints, which are designed to keep the shape and orientation of the characteristic set of the collection.

Makeup model creates an appropriate atmosphere and is intended to reflect the idea of ​​cold and unapproachable girl, absorbed in her thoughts and enthusiastic about their own world view and outlook on life. Skin tone, with flawless skin, which is most likely subjected to the procedure of removal of papillomas, inclined to pallor, eye area highlighted even more cool colors, obeying the idea of ​​thought and alienation. A dark, casually disheveled hair, perfectly contrasted with the severity of the ideal skin, provoking a kind of mobility and play, diluting too cold harmony proper makeup. Fashion model who starred for lookbook'a, appears in chiffon tunics and sweaters, jackets in gabardine, cleverly draped dresses and trendy shorts free breed. Accessories served black suede boots and a length up to about the middle leg, with lacing throughout. In general, the collection of Gary Graham for Spring-Summer 2013, gives the impression of a very elaborate and quite innovative, so could well be used in everyday life and to decorate someone's wardrobe with its unusual and very interesting outfits.