Unusual manicure at home

Unusual manicure at home

Get real creative fun with stylish trend of the upcoming warm season Spring-Summer 2013, and you create a unusual manicure at home, which resembles velvet texture.

If you do not already know, then I hasten to inform you that very recently there was an amazing and unique in texture nail polish with imitation velvet.

But there is another more affordable way potoroo this stunning style that will help us create a trend and unusual manicure at home.

We'll need:

  • Basis for polish
  • Nail polish of your choice.
  • Velvet powder velor effect nail (Flocking Powder)


Apply the foundation for nail polish. Wait a few minutes, let the first base layer foundations to dry completely.

Apply the first coat of lacquer color you choose for the polish to your nails have acquired the necessary shade. Apply a second coat of the same nail polish, do it quickly and accurately.

Once you are done with applying the second coat, immediately add to the surface of a suitable color velvet powder nail until the nail is still wet. Make sure you evenly distributed powder.

Forefinger gently press down the powder on your nail, it will ensure better adhesion with nail polish.

Dry nails within 10 to 15 minutes to complete readiness.

Use a clean, dry and soft make-up brush to get rid of the velvet powder surplus and that's before you an unusual and stylish result.

And now you can easily show off your stylish nails in front of your friends, you are sure to envy!


Unusual manicure at home Unusual manicure at home Unusual manicure at home Unusual manicure at home