French Manicure with their hands

French Manicure with their hands

Tired of doing monotonous manicure, want to diversify their nails and pamper their unusual and stylish solution? If your answer is - yes, then this guide is for you, because today we are going to experiment with French manicure with their hands.

We will revise views on the creation of the classic French manicure with their hands and decorate our nails in small stylish details that give flavor to our pens. Instead of the traditional smooth rounded contour light varnish, we will do sharpened arrows, the effect of which is enhanced by the addition of trendy rhinestones.

This manicure will retain its classic look, but will be much modern and contemporary with the addition of a small stroke and a sharp edge! If your nails are not long enough or is not very strong, use a magic procedure as nail, after which you will enjoy all the charms of the beautiful pens and will catch yourself envious glances. This procedure can be done in nailsprofi salon where on your nails will take care professionals.

What you need for self-creation of the French manicure:

- Nail clippers / nail file

- Pale pink base layer

- Bright white nail polish - Nail polish remover

- Cotton swabs

- Transparent varnish for the top layer

Rhinestones or other decoration

Follow these shagt to create a French manicure:

- Soak cotton in nail polish remover and clean the surface prior to nail manicure.

- Use nail clippers to give them the desired pointed shape, removing the excess on the edges.

- Take the nail file and complete the formation of the desired shape.

- Carefully draw the tip of each nail with white paint. If you overdo it and put too much on the tip of the nail, remove the excess using a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover, removing superfluous. Wait until the tips of the nails are dry.

- Next nakraste remain intact pink part of the nail varnish. Immediately after you are dealt a pink hue, place and press a paste in the center of the nail slightly pressed on it. Nail polish should remain moist, so that he could stick to the nail. Wait and dry nails.

- Then apply two layers of clear lacquer to crystals firmly held. Once your nails have dried completely, you will be able to boast of a wonderful French manicure in front of their girlfriends.

French Manicure with their hands French Manicure with their hands French Manicure with their hands