Summer 2013 images from Amilita "Salone Del Sol"

Summer 2013 images from Amilita

The relaxed, chic and ease, lightness and harmony, style and elegance - all present in abundance in the magnificent collection of Summer image 2013, called "Salone Del Sol" from the brand Amilita, who presented his clothes in a colorful presentation.

Australian fashion brand of women's clothing Amilita presents us with a new Lookbook stylish Summer 2013 Images, named in honor of the celebration of the summer - the sun lounge. Fashion Model, charming and young Jazmine Hikaka, appears in the hot summer stylish outfits, including spacious and elegant dresses, vintage dresses and bohemian accessories and jewelery. Such clothing like a young and brave girls who know how to meet a man who likes freedom-loving and creative types who have a special look at the world. brand clothes look completely at ease and stylish, quality drawn images are ideal for everyday wear and can easily fill up and update your summer wardrobe. Photographer David Hauserman was able through photographs convey a sense of warmth and sunlight piercing through which we all missed.

Collection Summer stylish clothes, consisting of essential light clothes such as dresses and skirts, tops and shorts, complemented by beautiful accessories, including sunglasses, jewelery, including pendants and earrings in western style and the same shoes.

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