04.03.2017- 03.05.2017 SPRING BAZAAR "STATION"

The fragrance of flowers, coffee, fresh pastries and chocolate, design trends in 2017, trendy jewelry, bright accessories, cosmetics, toys and decorations for the house - all this awaits visitors to the Spring Bazaar "Station" on March 4 and 5 on the Design Factory "Bottle".

04.03.2017- 03.05.2017 SPRING BAZAAR

As always at the site will work Beauty Corner, the best artists Bazaar conduct master classes, dozens of prizes will be drawn between the visitors and the children waiting for entertainment. The event will be held a large-scale charitable sale of books of the two largest Russian publishers - Publisher AST and Publisher Alpina Publisher.

Beautiful literature at an unprecedented price from 50 to 150 rubles. All proceeds from the sale of books of the funds will go to support projects Charity Fund "Life is a Miracle"! Moscow photographers present their works at PhotoDecorMarket, which will occupy the entire 2nd Floor Space space. Visitors will be able to communicate with authors, learn the history of the individual photos and buy your favorite work with no extra charge.

For children will be organized a special area with free entertainment.

The first weekend in March - it's time to come out of hibernation, to meet friends and give gifts to loved women!