The largest casino in the world

The largest casino in the world

Do you think that is the biggest casino in the world is located in the capital of the gambling world - Las Vegas? This assumption is quite logical, but wrong.

Gambling establishment that affects its size, was built in China - Macau region. Its construction has been spent more than $ 2 billion. However, without American intervention there has not been. According to the Reuters news agency, the Chinese casino called the Venetian Macao, built at the expense of the company Las Vegas Sands Corp.

A huge entertainment empire

Venetian Macao - not just a big casino. This - the whole empire of entertainment, which includes 3,000 hotel rooms, 7,000 slots, 1,150 gaming tables. On the casino area is also a huge conference room that can accommodate about 2 thousand people. Overall, the Venetian Macao can comfortably accommodate 15,000 players.

The largest casino in the world

Once in the Venetian Macao, gamblers never ceases to amaze environment. Even the entrance to the restaurant is made unusual! To access the room you have to walk on the bridge thrown across the artificial channel. Entering the mall, people first of all located there is in the mall. This - not just a store, but a place, copying Venice - there are equipped with channels which gondolas. The high cost and huge earnings

During the year, the casino located in Macao earns more than all Vegas casinos put together. According to approximate estimates, in 365 the casino makes a profit is 14 billion dollars.

The company that built the Venetian Macao, do not skimp on expenses, which allows casinos to avoid problems of any kind. There reigns an idyllic atmosphere that nothing can disturb. Recall that in China the casino activity is permitted only in the gambling zone Macau. Perhaps it is attracted to the Venetian Macao special attention to lovers of excitement. True, they play mostly foreigners, not Chinese themselves. Residents of China is not easy to get to Macau: for this they need to get permission from the authorities, and then to defend a big queue at the checkpoint.

Las Vegas Sands Corporation continues to constantly improve the service to the casinos of Macau. After all, the owners receive a good income from its activities. By the way, Las Vegas Sands Corporation owned by Sheldon Adelson, American billionaire. The carnivals and competitions - a way to attract visitors to

Venetian Macao attended to as many people, the casino attracts the attention of the public by organizing numerous carnivals, beauty contests. It became famous for its restaurants, where guests are served delicious dishes. Players who stay in the Venetian Macao, entertaining concerts, circus performances. Even after losing in the casino to the nines, one goes there in good spirits.

It seems surprising, but in the Venetian Macao no face control and dress code. There can get anyone to make a few bets at the gaming table, or twist the slot reels. However, here it is possible to have fun without the game - just by listening to music and enjoying the variety show.