Perfume molecule Escentric Molecules from Géza Schoen

Perfume molecule Escentric Molecules from Géza Schoen

Fragrance Escentric Molecules created by perfumer and is one of the most famous "noses" of today, Geza Schoen and has already managed to conquer the stars such as Sir Elton John, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and others, and also reached and our capital.

Author perfume molecule, differently it simply can not be called, is different from the ability to create long-known to all the components for something new and unique, incredible and totally unique.

Perfume, a native of Germany, Gez Schoen studied the art of drafting essential songs in one of the most famous perfumery school Haarmann and Reimer, and received valuable knowledge in the use of precious oils of various plants and trees from the great masters from Singapore, Argentina, Paris and London.

He has always sought to ensure that create a fragrance that was supposed to take and carry away from the first notes of a representative of any culture, no matter who he was and what the culture taught. And after long and numerous experiments, in 1990, he finally gets a molecule that differs significantly from all the classic components of perfumes in nature. It will be known as Iso E.

In 2004, together with Jack Lauds, Gez Schoen creates its own brand, which got the name Escentric Molecules.

Their first fragrance, called "Molecule 01" caused a furore in the world of perfumery. To this day, the main role in perfume from Escentric Molecules plays an essential component - a unique molecule Iso E. On its basis are various incredibly beautiful composition. The whole palette of flavors from perfume brand can be divided into male and female spirits, and on the one-component composition Molecule and composition of several components - Escentric.

The second child of delirium began to scent "Escentric 01". Its basis is the same molecule Iso E, cleverly shaded velvety notes of iris and refreshing lime. The aroma has a conventional separation bouquet at the top, heart and base notes, but maintains its own creator, by contrast, he is full of showers.

Two recent news from Escentric Molecules appeared in 2010, where at the heart of the fragrance "Molecule 03" is a component called "vetiveryle acetate", which has cleared the elegant note of vetiver.

Multi-component flavor "Escentric 03" is a chypre base, shading ginger, green pepper, orris and sandalwood and cedar.

Aromas of from Escentric Molecule - a real sensual chemistry - the beginning of the development of the future of perfumery.

Perfume molecule Escentric Molecules from Géza Schoen Perfume molecule Escentric Molecules from Géza Schoen