Independent design and renovation of the apartment: for and against

Independent design and renovation of the apartment: for and against

Starting repairs in the apartment, each of us is faced with the question whether to entrust the design and the execution of construction works or experts to do their own.

It should be clearly understood that the outsider, even being a professional in their field, will not be able to fully understand and implement your ideas. This also applies to the construction of the house. Therefore it is necessary to fully represent the concept of an updated apartment or house, to know what materials will be used in the repair and how much they cost.

Only on specific detailed questions it makes sense to get professional advice, subject to their own lack of expertise.

First, we need to make the project and an estimate of all work

Seeing in front of a real number is much easier to navigate in need of a job.

Before you hire a contractor to repair or build a house, you need to ask their advice, conduct analysis of prices in this market segment to have an idea of ​​the real cost of works and materials, composition, contract, cost estimate and negotiate the terms of work, reflect the warranty.

Do not trust anyone completely, check the quality and timing of the work performed and correlate them with the budget approved at the beginning of the repair or construction. This is a very important point, because if the work has already been carried out, the contractor change is difficult, and fix the mistakes of others, even a little wanting. Therefore, a healthy scruples in this matter is quite appropriate. As for the purchase of materials, it is best to address this issue on their own.

This allows you to control the cost of funds, but there are situations that urgently need to purchase something and then carry out the purchase of own contractors, reporting, providing trade and cash checks.

Buying materials, pay attention to promotions and discounts offered by the company, specify the presence of residues and it may happen so that we will have to make dozakupku, such as color or article in stock will be gone.

Ancient Greeks used to say: "nothing too." This phrase should be dominant in the case of self-design apartment design.

Functionality elements must be present, but within reasonable limits. Do not overload the space of a variety of niches, shelves, chest of drawers and cupboards. It's all in the end, must act as a cohesive whole. After all, our goal - to give each subject its interior functional value and link it with the other. Very beautiful and high quality Italian furniture can be found on the site, it certainly accurately decorate your apartment, giving it the charm and luxury.

Independent design and renovation of the apartment: for and against

Another common mistake acts mismatch items dimensions of the room. As examples of failed location huge corner sofa in the entire area of ​​a small room or a large refrigerator in the kitchen, "Khrushchev." Sometimes we simply "fall in love" in the thing and we certainly want it to be at home, but not in the matter to be led by their desires. Sober, pragmatic the calculated here is our faithful ally.

At the end of our conversation, I want to draw attention to the ancient doctrine - Feng Shui. I agree that a thorough follow its canons are not always possible, but the basic postulates that read on the free circulation of energy in space have to comply with.

Therefore, in time get rid of the old stuff, update your home, to put in order thoughts and feelings, arranging things around you, and then life will flow in a different way, you will feel a change for the better. After all, the idea is material and only positive thoughts and actions can really do wonders. Check and you'll be pleasantly surprised.