How to look expensive at the lowest cost

How to look expensive at the lowest cost

We will discuss a very important issue for most women like to look expensive at the lowest cost and at the same time to attract attention of the opposite sex.

Many people think that in order to look expensive, it is necessary to spend a fortune on your wardrobe and appearance, but this is not always the case, because all must have seen women who had donned the most pricey items, it is not thinking how they combine with each other!

If the young girls can easily afford to wear basic mass things, for women in middle age need to competently and correctly as possible to pick up each his image, selecting only those things that will be able to highlight their elegance and dignity of the figure.

Most, choosing a new things to pay attention to the beautiful luxury brand models, but not all, there is money to these new clothes, and buying clothes from mass market and become a faceless gray mass would be desirable not for everyone. To find a middle ground, and look expensive and stylish at the lowest cost, certain rules must be followed.

1. Choosing the right style of

The best option to look expensive and elegant - it is to stick to the classic style of clothing. But this does not mean wearing nothing but their suits every day.

Classic style can be varied and interesting. You're here so that could easily be said of your wardrobe: my beauty here.

Many people think that branded items will make their way expensive and chic, but only the ability to wear any of the things is the key to success.

How to look expensive at the lowest cost

2. Correct colors

Usually, a combination of classic monochrome black and white can make any image of a very elegant and expensive. Do not aspire to colorful prints, unless you know that you have something to wear it.

Picking up new things, try to visualize with what existing items to your wardrobe, you can combine it. Base colors such as black, brown and blue, are win-win in any wardrobe. Also considered elegant white and natural colors (beige, gray and cream). The classic prints are:

  • vertical strip
  • diagonal stripes herringbone type
  • black and white prints
  • pattern chicken feet
How to look expensive at the lowest cost

3. Appropriate accessories

Invest in one expensive accessory, such as a bag branded silk or cashmere scarf, watches, shoes, belt. Such accessories immediately draw attention to themselves and are able to make an image of expensive.

Finally I want to say that no matter what clothes you wear, it must necessarily be clean, perfectly ironed and neat appearance, and not to worn-out holes.

Always keep your back straight, do not slouch, always try to monitor the cleanliness of the hair and manicured nails. All these are not complex rules can help you look much more confident and feel!

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