Things to do in Singapore: it must see

Things to do in Singapore: it must see

If difficult to choose the next trip, you can safely buy tickets to Singapore.

This view of the world certainly will satisfy every whim, because it is both a city and state, and the island.

Advanced according to all indicators the government, developed in all respects the city, stunning all the characteristics of the island gives a sense of community pride and impresses with its splendor of tourists from around the world. Buy a ticket to Singapore here

Here, around cleanliness and order. And it's not because the windshield wipers in good faith, but because of Singapore's most strict rules (almost like a classic). State practice huge fines for litter, smoking, and other administrative violations. On the whole, from the legal point of view of Singapore just a utopia.

So what's the surprise of all law-abiding travelers Singapore?

First of all, to any visitor of the city you need to walk along Clark Quay, and in any time of day, though holidaymakers are advised to go there at night. Quay is endless shopping and entertainment plait with a mass of shops, cafes, attractions, sculptures.

Here you can enjoy an unusual European taste buds of Indian cuisine or walk through the futuristic bridge in the form of DNA. A famous central fountain would have seemed a paradise for VDV-Schnick: to bathe in it, and do not need to dive - he pours the people from under the ground. If someone was able to go to Paris and not to look at the Eiffel Tower, it is quite resist the Singapore Flyer. But mere mortals certainly need to visit it. Not every day you manage to visit at an altitude of 165 m and enjoy just three countries: by Singapore and neighboring Indonesia and Malaysia.

It would be foolish to be in Singapore and not to visit the Night Safari - a unique park of its kind. Not without reason has been the 11th time he received the title of "the best attraction of the country." Here it is possible to observe the animals, leading an active lifestyle. In a typical zoo animals are sleeping peacefully, so that the Night Safari gives an unforgettable experience.

optical illusions Museum of Singapore shows that our brain is easily fooled. Maybe the fact it sounds sadly, but the "exhibits" certainly do not give visitors to miss.

Singapore is renowned for its care of everything around the world, it is very comfortable living conditions for both people and animals of all kinds, classes and creeds. And yet the city-state is well taught the adage "do not spit into the well ...", otherwise fine. Fly to Singapore and get their portion of Indian cuisine, bright memories, and of course the care and valuable lessons.