Folk masks recipes against hair loss

Folk masks recipes against hair loss

Today, many cosmetic companies offer us the hair loss remedies that promise instant and incredible results, though these methods are not always really effective, but the price is sometimes just appalling.

But worry not worth it, because to solve the problem of hair loss can help you quite inexpensive and time-tested traditional recipes, which are easy to implement at home.

Mustard mask.

Ode of hair masks, which gives good results and is effective mustard mask. It is not only able to save your hair from falling out, but also with ease solve such unpleasant problem as excess fat, helps your hair grow faster and stronger, at the expense of reviving dormant bulbs and give your curls volume and vitality.

The recipe is very simple mask: 2 tbsp. spoon mustard powder to be mixed with egg yolk, add a small amount of cosmetic oil, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of ordinary white sugar and pour it all with a little water, so as to obtain consistency, easy to apply.

The only drawback of such a mask can be called a strong thermal effect, but the time of its location on the hair should be about 40 minutes. So as not to dry up the hair ends, you can brush them with a small amount of balm or special tools for humidification. Or simply try to mask hair with aloe

After you are dealt a mixture on your hair, put on a shower cap or plastic wrap head cloth, wrapped it all with a towel. Rinse the mask mustard softest best or baby shampoo. Make a mask once a week for a month and you will notice results.

Folk masks recipes against hair loss

Onion mask, preventing hair loss.

Hair mask with onions may not suit many because of not very pleasant smell, but, believe me, the effect of such a procedure would be terrific. Rub the head of onions on a coarse grater and apply on hair roots, and the remaining husk that must be pre-boiled for about 15 minutes, rinse your hair.

Mask for hair honey.

Try this mask: 2 tbsp. lozhkm honey, mix with one egg yolk, add some burdock, castor or any other natural oil, optional supplement mix 1 tbsp. spoon Roma droplets and a pair of vitamins A or E, which can be found at the pharmacy in transparent capsules. Keep this mask takes about 1 hour. After all rinse with baby shampoo. There is another no complicated recipe honey mask. 2 tbsp. spoons not thick honey mixed with 2 tablespoons. spoons aloe juice, 1 hr. spoon fresh garlic juice and egg yolk. The principle of application and wash the mask is the same as that of the previous one, but the time of its exposure to just 20 minutes.

Dairy masks.

Kefir and yoghurt mask, also able to deal with the problem of hair loss. Add the yogurt one egg yolk or henna without coloring effect, remember that kefir or yogurt without sugar and additives should be warm. Such a cool mask can smelonanosit even the most hair tips, without fear that something will happen to them, because the mask does not contain ingredients that can dry up hair.

Folk masks recipes against hair loss

If the Addenda to the above masks, you will rinse your hair with herbal infusions, it will only strengthen the positive result. It is worth remembering the course of medical masks from hair loss should last at least a month in order to have really good results. Good luck in the fight for the beauty of your hair!