How to create a harmonious interior of the bedroom. The choice of colors and materials

How to create a harmonious interior of the bedroom. The choice of colors and materials

The bedroom should be a place for rest, relaxation and comfort. After all, this is the place where we spend almost a third of the day, and a good sleep for our bodies is very important.

Each room in the house should be some basic rules that will help us to feel comfortable and cozy. Create a harmonious bedroom easy enough to use some basic tips and tricks.

The warm color of nature

Pleasant and warm feeling in your bedroom you reach using light shades. If you still want to enrich bedroom saturated color, apply it only on one wall, preferably at the head.

Air color. Purify the head, help to relieve stress and relax. These include: white, light blue, gray.

Earth colors. They stimulate the emotions and cause peace of mind. Among them are brown, beige and green.

Water colors. Restore the body, pleasant, refreshing, give coolness and ease unnecessary worries. Water color - it's blue, celadon. Choose bedding and on the basis of these rules. The site you can pick exactly the bed linen, which fit perfectly into the interior of your bedroom.

Prosperity places

Most interior designers try to keep in the bedroom and a clear space. The room should not be too much furniture and, of course, a large closet. Much better if you manage to find a place for a separate dressing room. If you can not afford such luxury, you will large built-in wardrobes, through which bedroom gets a completely different look and space. Around the bed should be bedside tables, preferably, with drawers, not to spoil the harmonious overall impression scattered belongings (hand cream, handkerchiefs, sunglasses, tablets ...). As for space, it is necessary to maintain order in the bedroom.

Proper lighting

The basic rule is: the more lamps, the better. Equip the room ceiling lights and lamps on the bedside table. Special atmosphere can create a sconce on the wall.

Pleasant and warm feeling of

In the room where you want to relax, we have around the beautiful and warm materials. There is nothing better than a morning walk barefoot on the soft carpet. In addition, quality linens also affect your sleep and rest. Use products made of natural breathable materials. The ideal is cotton satin or crepe.