How do I know whether a real Rolex

How do I know whether a real Rolex

Today I want to share with you in ways that will help you distinguish the genuine Rolex watches from the crafts.

How do I know whether a real Rolex

The popular and well-known brand, the more likely of being counterfeited. This is also true with respect to hours. If you plucked a fake, the Rolex repairs may be needed very much in a short time, while the original watch will serve you faithfully for many years.

When buying expensive accessories is important to remember that in any case it is impossible to use the services of dubious outlets. Only a certified shop that worked for years to earn the trust of customers, will be able to offer you these watches, which have been produced in Switzerland. But unscrupulous traders do not stop the implementation of fakes, the country of origin of which is unknown.

to distinguish the original from a fake

The original Rolex is always fitted with glass, which is two and a half times increase a date on the dial. Fakes are often not equipped with them at all, or less magnifying glass has potential.

In addition, you must remember that in order to give greater solidity to forgery of the back cover replicas made transparent, and for greater credibility of the part of the watch even mark the manufacturer's logo. But it is not worth to believe - the Swiss firm in its history has not released any watch model, the body of which was ba made of glass.

At this hour on the back cover of the case is always adhered hologram, which is drawn company logo and serial number of the accessory. forgery same or do not have this sticker, or it is not holographic. If you have a magnifying glass - then pay attention to the surface of the dial under the numeral 6. At this hour it is under microscopic laser engraving in the form of a crown that no special equipment is difficult to discern. Forgery or lack of engraving, or it is made extremely carelessly. The same applies to the serial number engraved on the side of the case - without tampering will either are difficult numerals.

In addition to this, you can weigh the clock - qualitative mechanism is made of a fairly heavy materials, so a fake will weigh much less. In addition, the original watches are made not with the glass panel, and sapphire. Dropping water on the sapphire crystal, you'll notice that the drop does not spread, and is collected in one place.

And of course the company's movement of the second hand - thanks to the extremely complex mechanism that moves at a constant speed, the same company that manufactured fake can not repeat this, so the movement arrows will be broken.

With these tips you will be able to tell the original watch from a fake, and if it is so, then you will not be disappointed with the result, because thanks to the exceptional reliability, even replacing the batteries in the Swiss watch you will need soon.

How do I know whether a real Rolex