Gothic style in the interior

Gothic style in the interior

You may doubt whether the Gothic style in the interior is still popular in the twenty-first century? It may seem surprising that the decorative style known in the Middle Ages, will have loyal fans and today, but it's true.

Gothic style in the interior has a mystical charm and mysterious charm, covered with a veil of secrecy. When we think of interior Gothic, come immediately to mind medieval stone castles, cathedrals high, with elaborate architectural details, high, arched windows and stained glass.

But how did the Gothic style in the interior presented with in today's environment? In the end, we usually do not live in castles and cathedrals. It's probably best not to take this style too literally when planning the decor of the space, as well as classic style.

You can turn it on elements and establish a clear link with the Gothic style, at the same time allowing the space to function in accordance with our modern way of life and learn from it just some delights. You can give a gothic feel with the help of furniture, fabrics and graphic motifs. For example use a fairly heavy and complex pieces of furniture, carved wooden table with chairs, trimmed upholstery. The backrest of the chair may be engraved or trefoil, popular in the middle ages.

Heavy velvet fabric for window shades can support the gothic theme, as well as tapestries, located on the walls. As the subjects of lighting in this style are the chandelier, as well as beautiful candleholders made both from traditional brass and other materials.


• Add a fireplace or a simulation, as well as use the pointed arch, it will help to create the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

• Add a few accents of colored glass, stained glass windows and accessories reminiscent of rich, saturated colors.

• Decorate the space candlesticks and candelabra, thereby bringing the Gothic tone in your interior.

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