A wooden staircase exclusive configuration or type constructors

A wooden staircase exclusive configuration or type constructors

What is the wooden stairs to choose: the standard set of made-to-order? What configuration ladders available to modern buyers?

There are plenty of vendors selling universal mounting kit staircases, and no less than the manufacturer offers stairs from first hand under the order. Typical sets enable to gather design independently from the final set of items. For such sets is characterized by versatility, durability, ease, but, alas, it is not peculiar elegance and individuality. This ladder will not improve the design of the room. It has no soul, but there is a simplicity and practicality.

Configurations ladders

Most manufacturers offer the stairs the following configurations:

  1. Wooden modular.
  2. Wooden screw.
  3. Wooden rails.
A wooden staircase exclusive configuration or type constructors

Wooden modular stairs - products that employ central kosour, they just call chain and spinal. Kosour consists of fragments - modules. Already on the modules are mounted the steps and railings.

Winding wooden staircase - a design, gathering around the central support and do not require the supporting wall. The central support is attached between the floor and the end cover top floor. Steps are screwed along the support. Another type of spiral staircases are spiral - that is, those who have no support in the middle, instead degree twist spiral around the axis hypothetical. Wooden stairs - this structure is assembled with one side edge by connecting step by means of bolts on one side and the other fixed to the wall.

Protections for ladders

Fences of stairways - is not mandatory, but it is often used items. He must be subject to an architectural expression, ergonomics reliability. Classic advantage of any of these types of wooden stairs is to use clean wood, high-quality products for the treatment and care. Choose a ready-made solution or order design for your room-to-order, you will get all these benefits.

But exclusivity may have only the author of the stairs. The combination of different materials, a combination of ideas, selection of optimal solutions, all of this is peculiar to the stairs, made by these masters, and can not be obtained with the purchase of a ready set. Get products such a high level can only be known furniture workshops, which employs experts with extensive experience in the implementation of the most complex projects.