Recipes masks for the face using milk

Recipes masks for the face using milk

Modern representatives of the fair sex with each passing year more and more prefer natural products for skin care and beauty, knowing that they are able to operate much better synthetic drugs, stuffed with various chemicals.

About this power and benefits of natural cow's milk, we all probably know from childhood, but what use it can be easily as a very effective masks for face, I do not think they know everything.

Today, my dear readers, I hasten to share the most simple and effective recipes cool masks for the face, which are based on cow's milk. Such masks can give your skin a fresh appearance, elasticity and beauty. More recipes for your beauty look at

The most ideal option of course would be the use of fresh natural cow's milk, which in large cities must be very difficult, so choosing from store options, look for a product with minimal processing and a small shelf life, which indicates the absence of preservative.

Recipes masks for the face using milk

Face masks with milk

Warmed, but not boiled milk, apply on the rag cloth, put on face for 15-20 minutes.

Mask with strawberry milk

3 tablespoons of milk mix in a blender with a pair of strawberries. Apply a special brush on your face for 20 minutes.

The Mask "milk savior"

Mix half a banana in a blender until smooth with three tablespoons of milk. Hold for 15-20 minutes.

Mask porosuzhayuschim effect

4 tablespoons of milk, 2 tsp turmeric powder 2 tsp lemon juice. Mix everything until smooth, hold about 15-20 minutes.

Mask - Scrub

10 almond nuts, 2 tablespoons of milk grind until smooth in a blender. Mask scrub, use no more than 2 times per week.

Mask face with salt and milk

2 tablespoons of milk, 1 teaspoon salt, preferably a major maritime. Apply to the skin and leave for 30 minutes.