Autumn and winter shoes LORIBLU 2014-2015: trends of the season, the design and materials

Autumn and winter shoes LORIBLU 2014-2015: trends of the season, the design and materials

A bet on individuality, exclusivity and style of doing his job. LORIBLU new collection autumn-winter 2014-2015 is of interest and delight. This season, the Italian designers offer models conform to the latest fashion trends.

Products brand LORIBLU - is an example of the Italian approach to the manufacture of footwear. Each model is thought out to the smallest detail by talented designers shoe at home, and then created manually by experienced craftsmen. On the day of the Italian factory produces more than 800 pairs, with brand showrooms are opened in various countries, including Russia.

Not all shoes, demonstrated on the podium, can be worn in real life. Brand LORIBLU closely following the fashion trends in the world and creates exquisite shoes, which is convenient and comfortable to walk almost as well as in sports, but more elegant.

Practicality and reliability - one of the main selection criteria. Italian fashion shoes LORIBLU corresponds to them, to find a compromise between fashion and harsh weather conditions.

Shoes LORIBLU women in autumn and winter

Autumn and winter shoes LORIBLU 2014-2015: trends of the season, the design and materials

This season, designers have worked LORIBLU many actual fashion topics. The fashion house has released shoes, richly decorated with crystals and stones. The collection also includes shoes, sneakers and shoes, decorated with massive gold chains and buckles.

Another important part of the new series - shoes with prints. LORIBLU offered shoes and sneakers with animalic and geometric prints on suede. Its place in the collection took shoes with fur trim and an unusual combination of materials such as leather and suede. It is also one of the main trends of the season. Still relevant boots. LORIBLU refreshed the model stylish decor. High boots were also in vogue. The women offer a model of skin in different colors.

Men's autumn and winter shoes Loriblu

Men in the new season will be comfortable in leather boots on a thickened sole. On the sure basis of established and practical shoes. An original model of shoes from a crocodile leather and leather soles with wooden print.

For men who prefer the style of casual, designers have created a stylish sneakers with decorative lacing. This shoe is fastened with a zipper, so you should not be afraid of lace.

There is still a large selection of shoes "de luxe" for men can be bought in LORIBLU salons. Men who need to look stylish and solid, can easily choose a suitable model.

Italian quality combined with contemporary global trends allows LORIBLU footwear win the recognition of customers around the world. In the capital of Russia has opened several mono-brand stores of this brand. Both men and women can choose the beautiful shoes for any occasion.