7 ways to prolong the fragrance of your perfume

7 ways to prolong the fragrance of your perfume

I think that every woman, carried away by your favorite aroma, wants any way to extend his excellent smell. Although the quality of spirits plays an important role here, there are a few tricks that can help make even an inexpensive perfume more resistant.

Spirits can have a fantastic effect on your mood and self-confidence, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that you want to extend this incredible effect. It's so disappointing when your favorite smell disappears after a few hours or even a few minutes, so why do not you use one of the following tips to get your spirits please you all day? They really work!

1. Choose a perfume with a strong base notes

When buying perfume, try to choose ones that have a very strong base notes. The fact that the base notes, are considered to be the most resistant to any flavor. Patchouli, pine, musk and vanilla are incredibly persistent. For example, in perfume shop in Kiev, you can find a lot of flavors in strong notes.

2. Moisturize the skin

Before you apply the perfume, it is important to moisturize the skin. Never spray your perfume on dry skin. After the shower, moisturize the skin arms and neck, and then apply perfume. This will allow, together with your moisturizer to absorb perfume as deeply as possible into the skin.

3. Apply perfume immediately after a bath or shower

If you spray the perfume directly after taking a shower or bath, your pores will absorb the smell much better and faster, and it will help your flavor preserved as more than the usual time. This is absolutely an effective trick, time-tested.

4. Spray the comb

This simple trick that beauty experts recommend. Spray a bit of your favorite perfume on a comb and draw through the hair. Hair has a fantastic ability to absorb and retain odors for a long time, that why not use this hack!

5. Apply perfume to pulse points

It is recommended to apply the fragrance on pulse points, or where you will find the heartbeat. Most often it is the wrist, behind the ears, neck. The most important thing is not to overdo it!

6. Spread perfume on wrists

Indeed, the girl, rubbing his wrist after applying the perfume thus prolong their scent. Spray the perfume on the pulse points on the wrists, wait a few seconds and rub naslazhdayes your favorite aroma all day.

7. The layer your scents

When it comes to perfume, it is important to learn how to combine your spirits with other scents on your body, such as shampoo, various creams and balms. Your spirits can be combined with them and be in harmony if the other smells not very active.

7 ways to prolong the fragrance of your perfume

The fragrance can be a waste of time and money if you do not learn how to wear it correctly. Never apply perfume to clothing. Many experts say that the flavor can easily be deformed when placed on cotton products, as well as other tissues, and sometimes can even stain your clothes.