Tips for acrylic nail care

Tips for acrylic nail care

Many people think that the acrylic nails do not require special care, but it is not so, they not only require careful treatment, but also to follow certain rules. Follow these ten tips to make sure your acrylic and natural nails will stay in perfect condition.

1. Be careful

This is the single most important piece of advice for the care both for their and for acrylic nails. Do not use them to open banks, tear tape to the packaging or mechanically damaging them. You risk not only to break the acrylic nail, but also harm the natural one, that can be very painful. Special facilities for acrylic nails offers online store materials for the building.

2. Try to protect them from water

Water causes the glue that binds the acrylic composition is weakening, especially if her work for a long time. Thoroughly dry the nails after hand washing. If you deal with pets and gardening, wear gloves, your nails dry.

3. Immediately fix defects

The sooner you fix appeared chipped and cracked, the easier it will repair them. Ignoring the damage allows it to spread and makes the nail more prone to extensive defects.

4. Avoid acetone, and the solvent

Never use nail polish remover which contain acetone. This will lead to the fact that the acrylic structure will deteriorate, leaving gaps on the nails and making them soft.

5. The polish is applied daily oil

You must apply the caregiver oil, such as canola or jojoba oil to acrylic nails were beautiful. This will keep your nails flexible and prevent them from cracking.

6. Moisturize skin of the hands

skin moisturizing hands daily and allow your nails to look wonderful. After each picture you need to correct framing.

7. Apply clearcoat

You must apply clear nail polish at least once a week. This will help hide any defects or microcracks that damage the coating.

8. Wash your hands regularly

Wash your nails regularly with antibacterial soap to reduce potential inflammation. It is also advisable, to pass a cotton swab dipped in alcohol under the nails every evening before going to bed to remove debris and kill bacteria.

9. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is very good for your real nails. Applying it once a week you will contribute to the health of the natural nail and provide a good foundation for your acrylic. When you remove acrylic nails, well help in the treatment and regeneration is vitamin E. This will increase their strength and improve appearance.

10. Do not try to do to repair the damaged nail

When the acrylic nail is damaged, do not be tempted to repair it yourself. You can actually do more harm than good in this way. Enroll in the salon and have it repaired by professionals.

Tips for acrylic nail care

A good nail health is achieved by keeping your hands clean and dry. Dirt and moisture are a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, both of which can cause damage to the nail. Treat your acrylic nails with care, and you will have a beautiful manicure for a long time.