Tips for nail care at home

Tips for nail care at home

Hands can tell a lot about people, and nails, and even more so. Dirty, unkempt nails repel, so we need to strive to maintain them in perfect condition.

If you want to grow long nails or just make your even more beautiful, you should not always spend money in a nail salon, because you can do all the necessary procedures at home.

Firstly, do not forget to clean your nails. Use a wooden stick or sharp nail file. Second, form a beautiful shape. Do this using the filing of necessary nails.

Shifts the inner lining. Rasparte hands in warm water, move the cuticle, massage a little olive oil base of the nail.

Then dry your pens and apply moisturizer. Vitamin E also will work fine. If you paint your nails, apply a base at the beginning of a transparent layer, and only then color.

If you have fair skin, choose a color closer to peach, avoid dark colors of nail polish, here is a link where you will be able to choose the right shade for you. Black, purple, burgundy or brown too strong for you to color, so save it for Halloween.

Tips for nail care at home

If you have dark skin, you need to stay away from pastels. Light pink, peach and lavender will look like a child to you.

Remember, everyone can wear red nail polish or a French manicure. Also lacquer color depends on the age and occupation. If you work in an office or a public structure, give up childhood prints, peas and other similar ideas for decorating nails.

That any nails were flawless sure to take special vitamins and complexes containing calcium, which can help your nails grow faster and stay beautiful.