How to create a stylish look for men

How to create a stylish look for men

Today our article focuses on how to create a stylish, masculine image, combining beauty and functionality together.

Style, presented today looks incredibly creative, fashionable and refined, underscored the most elegant accessories. Parts that are necessary for the creation of such bows, combine elements from the 40s, 50s, 60s of the twentieth century with modern trends and fashion trends.

Here we will see some significant part of these dapper dandies. As you can see, any man can not be too many expensive hours of good, beautiful costumes of different colors and crisp white shirts, as well as a great perfume. For example, the stylish Carolina Herrera 212 men will help you emphasize masculinity and give even more personality to your image.

Start with the shoes: a pair of shoe, lightweight running shoes, oxfords or loafers. Keep in mind that it is better to choose leather or waterproof model. If you prefer a more sporty style, you should try to add a little more relaxed pieces in classic attire, such as a sports bag or shoes. Wear shoes and socks with bright pattern to add some style and color. Buy yourself a nice suit that will accentuate your silhouette. Use square stylish wallets, displaying their individuality. You can always wear jeans, but combine them with blazers and suits, as well as strict stylish coat.

Do not forget to buy a good collection of a variety of high-quality shirts. These are real basics that are sure to help you this year to create the most stylish male figures.