Buy women's boots

Buy women's boots

Booties - universal model, which here for several seasons has not lost its relevance. But it is important to combine the elements of her clothes, shoes and accessories.

Before you buy women's boots, will not be superfluous to find out what they are.

The combination of a skirt

This model of shoe visually shortens feet of its owner. Wear a short skirt. Also, no lush skirts or flared. In conjunction with the boots they are visually add a few kilos and make your legs too short. It is also unacceptable to combine these shoes with skirts with a low waist, upper body will seem disproportionate.

Even elegant legs disappear and be spoiled, if with them to wear a long skirt below the knee.

The various embodiments of the images

The abundance of different models you can create different combinations that emphasize the sense of style of the owner. In each embodiment these shoes will be expressed in their own way.

For example, if you decide to wear a variation with fur trim, the more successful will likely pick up her tight jeans. effectively also will look this model with a cocktail dress with a high waist and a short skirt sun.

Buy women's boots

Do not wear boots with open toe with hosiery.

This model of shoe with a unique neckline, such as "neck" that visually lengthens the leg. With them, it would be appropriate to wear bright tights and mini.

If you prefer a narrow trousers or dzhegginsy, they are perfectly underlined by short model, with tucked into pants.

Skinny girls do not recommend wearing boots wedges, as they are likely to create the effect "a pencil in a glass." Brighten up this lack of help straight jeans and trapezoid coat to the knee.

The combination with trousers

fit boots in a similar-style pants classic design. Narrower model would look with high shoes, and not combined with variations with a plunging neckline.

In order to emphasize the plain leggings dress shoes to match them. And remember, that short shorts with boots look beautiful on skinny girls. If you are the owner of lush thighs, avoid these combinations in the image.

Women's boots capricious model to be able to combine. But if you find the right image, the appearance is elegant and refined.