Facial skin care at home

Facial skin care at home

of age, wrinkles, pimples, and traces of them, redness, inflammation, shramiki and age spots - any of these troubles could be a serious blow to the confidence and strongly worsen the mood of every woman.

Of course, if money and free time make it possible for any of the above manifestations of your problems will be solved in the beauty experts for the shortest possible time, but what if time and money on trips to the beautician absolutely not miss?

Expensive tools that promise quick results, and are not always effective. What to do, how to be beautiful and take care of the person at home?

Skin Protection

Use revitalizing and protective creams. Summer cosmetics should be less fatty than the autumn and winter. A lower than the temperature outside, in order to be fatter cream. Make a mask that will nourish your skin with vitamins and protect it from external influences.


At any time, the skin suffers from dust, dirt and wind. It is necessary to carry out cleansing and toning procedures using lotions, tonics and soft scrubs that you can do yourself.


Facial skin, as well as the whole body needs a daily diet. Use Nourishing Night Cream, and use a light moisturizing day. Watch your diet and try it to be correct, because the state of the organism depends on the condition of your skin. From facial wrinkles cream will help get rid of Chi-Klim botoeffekt.


Moisturize skin creams containing antioxidants that actively prevent aging. Cool washing, replace by washing with warm water. If you skin is dry and flaky, lubricate it moisturizer in the morning and afternoon.


Do not forget to work on the body from the inside, taking vitamin and mineral complexes. B vitamins influence the metabolic processes in the skin, vitamin A makes the skin supple and velvety. Slowing down the aging process of the skin and provides oxygen vitamin E.

Do not overdo it:

  • lengthy procedures in the bathroom
  • antibacterial soap, which dry the skin
  • scrubs and peels, which are very injure the skin
  • tobacco and alcohol, which adversely affect the skin
  • fatty and fried, sweet and flour food