The combination of women's shorts with other wardrobe items

The combination of women's shorts with other wardrobe items

When the girls beautiful legs, her year-round want to show them to others. Today, shorts can be combined both with summer clothes and winter, but need to know how to do it correctly, to look not only beautiful, but also stylish.

Today there are many different styles and designs of women's shorts, which can create different impressions about those who wear them. They can be feminine, glamorous, classical and so on.

Not so difficult to combine other items of clothes with shorts, in fact. Initially, you need to select the appropriate model it in your size and in accordance with your shape parameters.

Close-fitting shorts look quite sexy, but can not be too comfortable, and limit your movements, in addition, now in vogue models available. You must select a model that can improve the shape of your body. The best option is the product length to mid-thigh.

The attractiveness of the image can not consist only of the proper selection of shorts, you also need to choose the right and the other, upper, part of the attire. Below are the options of how to combine the attractive piece of clothing with others.

  • right approach to the choice of footwear. Despite her small part in the form of shoes can dramatically change your image. There are many types of shoes that you can choose under the shorts. Everything will depend on what style of dress you want to create. For example, to sporty sneakers are ideal for ethnic style - gladiator sandals to create a glamorous appearance suitable leather boots or shoes with a pointed toe.
  • Shorts with a striking design can be combined with a denim jacket. Denim jacket can be played up for all fashion trends and styles. So with a denim jacket will look great in shorts such trendy colors: bright red, blue, orange, yellow, green, turquoise and white. For bright girls who love to shocking images, a combination of shorts with a red leather jacket fits the bill perfectly.
  • Universal combination of denim with a white top. Shorts, sewn denim is the most common one, which can be found easily. Denim shorts can be considered universal, since they are perfectly combined with virtually any riding attire. But most compelling combination is a combination of white and the top of denim shorts. This combination is more suitable for daily image.
  • Shorts can also be combined with a variety of jackets and blazers. Today it is fashionable to coat it was long enough, and even covered most of the shorts in their rear.

In addition, the shorts must be combined with the right accessories, everything will depend on your style and the place where you are going to go to his shorts.