Women's perfume, from which the mad men

Women's perfume, from which the mad men

No doubt each of us wondered, "What are women's perfume is especially popular with men?". Of course, that ever since the world had the first perfumes, any of us would like to have just the flavor that can attract the stronger sex.

It's so wonderful to realize that you possess a secret weapon, in this case, the smell, which is able to turn the head of the most persistent man, at the same time, sometimes, by introducing it into a state similar to the euphoria.

Women around the world are making great efforts in order to captivate and hold next to this man. Namely spirits are not talking about the other ways and women's tricks can turn an ordinary girl into a real femme fatale. To date, a large selection allows you to buy women's perfume at reasonable prices and excellent quality.

Women's perfume, from which the mad men

So is there in the world these women's fragrance, who will be able to emphasize the natural beauty of its owner, its character, envelop caress the body to transmit signals to the main, and enticing to attract the opposite sex?

As shown by tests conducted among men, not all smells are able to interest them, especially fascinate. Female spirits who like men can be divided into a few groups.

  • A floral-fruity aromas.

  • perfume with notes of lily of the valley, lavender, iris, lilac.

  • Fruit powdery or citrus scents.

  • Perfume with the smell of sweet vanilla and cinnamon, sugar caramel and honey, nuts and truffles, baked apples and pumpkin.

But, believe me, you should not blindly rely on these types of groups, as first fragrance should personally like you and your perfect fit, the best option would be a smell that you almost do not feel myself.

And here are some tips on how to apply the fragrance:

  • Do not apply perfumes when the man, and in no case do not do it in such a small confined space, like a vehicle. Believe me, even the most pleasant aroma in this case can be a disgusting irritant.
  • Do not overdo it, because sometimes a woman's body is able to exude much more pleasant fragrance for men than excess too active spirits.
  • Do not try to mask the smell of sweat, perfume, this will lead to a disaster, be sure to use the shower and then just apply perfume.
  • to smell nice and gradually reveals apply perfume on special pulse points on the wrist, neck, behind the ears.