Fundamentals style smart casual for men

Fundamentals style smart casual for men

Any active modern man is usually a little 24 hours in the day, he was always somewhere in a hurry, he is constantly busy with something, learn, work, exercise and self-development, do not forget about hobbies.

But what if such a hectic lifestyle do with wardrobe and its content, which quite simply do not have time?

If you are working on an official work that requires to look business-like and rather reserved, it is unlikely that you will want to go in the same dress at a formal party or not in the theater received an unexpected invitation to. So how can that be, if the events follow each other?

Because we always want to be dressed comfortably, but beautiful and feel comfortable at the same time, and most importantly relevant. Do not worry, there is a solution!

More and more modern people prefer a unique, not so long ago was a style called smart casual. The main thing - it is well to learn for themselves its borders, rather to say that you need to clearly understand where finishes with a business style and begins smart casual.

There are special features, due to which it will be easy to distinguish the style of smart casual business style business casual.

  1. In the style of smart casual can easily miss a necessity for business style - a tie. You can simply undo the top button of your shirt and slightly loosen the collar.
  2. Here, men have an opportunity to wear a sweater every color and different style.
  3. You can also wear sweaters, turtlenecks with unusual collars, who dress shirts over.
  4. You can easily roll up our sleeves, and it should be done so that the rolled up sleeve is in the middle, between the elbow and the wrist. This state of the sleeve is now very fashionable.
  5. The scarf or shawl on the neck is also a distinctive feature of this style. Moreover, its color should be close in color to the suit.
  6. allowed to wear moccasins, especially since they are ideal to free suit.
  7. In smart casual jeans allowed. But remember, the colors are somewhat limited. In no case should not be blue or blue. The perfect color for jeans is the one that at first glance nobody Unlike classics.

This modern, unique in its functionality, comfortable style is very popular, both among women and among men. He is both an office, but the same time beautiful and comfortable.

Fundamentals style smart casual for men

Style smart casual for men

The man, who prefers this style, in the morning, going to work, be sure to wear clean ironed shirt with a collar. If the outside is bad weather, you probably grab a jacket.

At the same time, he did not wear a tie. As for the pants, they are likely to be dark blue. But it depends on the situation and the other objects of his image. Shoes - a person of any man, which should be clean, neat, have a neat appearance. Preferred colors:

  • brown
  • dark blue
  • black or
  • gray.
Fundamentals style smart casual for men