Tips on how to look younger than their years

Tips on how to look younger than their years

All women, especially after thirty years, begin to think about how they look younger, how to maintain their former beauty, what a way to stop time? In today's article we will look at some tips to help you look younger than his years.

Beautiful Skin

Nothing can so show your age, the skin on the neck, face and hands. Believe me, you, we tried, the appearance of wrinkles, it is only a matter of time, but there are ways to delay their arrival. To do this, you need to start special skin care, follow the right routine of the day, get enough sleep and eat healthy foods, spend more time in the fresh air, exercise, active lifestyle.

It is necessary in addition to choose the suitable for you:

  • cleanser
  • and tonic
  • moisturizer.

Also, regularly, depending on the condition of the skin to make a gentle peeling, able in a special way to clear your skin of dead cells of the epidermis.

Do not forget to protect your skin from excessive UV rays that not only dry out the skin, slow down the production of collagen, but also simply worsen its appearance. Use special protective creams moisturize the skin by special means. Try an unusual snail cosmetics Tony Moly, which has already established itself in other countries.

Tips on how to look younger than their years

Slim figure

Completeness is not a sign of aging, because the lush can be at any age, but a natural disturbance of the normal metabolic process awaits anyone closer to 50 years, but sometimes the extra weight is able to add a dozen years, and very young girls. To combat excess weight is not necessarily brutal torture yourself diets and excessive workloads, improve metabolism enough. And in order to look younger than their years, make healthy eating its constant companion more you walk, not less than 3 kilometers per day engaged in exercises in the morning.

Tips on how to look younger than their years

The Art of makeup and self-care

Do not forget at any age, make sure that what you look like, do not think that after 40 makeup is no longer relevant, on the contrary, he is able to hide your flaws and make you younger by a few years. It is important to properly apply makeup, starting from the base -tonalnogo cream and ending with neat blush on the cheeks.

Remember, if you have good thick hair, does not necessarily make a short cut, even if you are over forty. Beautiful hair can decorate your face, giving it vitality. Do not forget also about the well-groomed nails on the hands and feet.

Tips on how to look younger than their years

Do not overdo it in the pursuit of youth, do not by any means make of himself a teenager, because that would be appropriate to look at a girl of eighteen, sometimes vulgar lady at thirty.