The main features of flavors for Weipa

The ban on smoking cigarettes in public places has brought a lot of discomfort to fans of tobacco products. When the body simply requires "to smoke", it seems as if the light is not nice, I want to drag wildly.

The way out of the situation began to electronic cigarettes. Safe for humans, animals and the environment, they continue to actively win the sympathy of those who can not imagine my life without fragrant puffs of smoke.

In addition to these advantages, there is one more - flavors for electronic cigarette you can choose from a variety of flavors. And, accordingly, do not smoke tobacco have a sharp smell, and pleasant fruit or berry. The range of the market is very big, so to avoid confusion, it is necessary to understand in more detail.

Features composition

Flavors for e-cigarettes are a special liquid with slozhnokomponentnym composition. Their main function - giving a couple of specific taste and smell. Flavors are one of the basic components of compositions that are "charged" electronic cigarette. Produce liquids with the use of natural additives or food component that minimizes the risk of adverse effects on the organism.

Using them is very simple. Fragrances are sold as a fully finished compositions which must be added to a base of water, propylene glycol, and other components. The dosage is typically about 10 drops.

Important: flavoring agents may be combined with each other. This allows for other, more intense and interesting flavors. The main species

The main features of flavors for Weipa

Flavors for Weipa, presented in today's market, differentiate into 2 groups composition: artificial and natural. The first is cheaper, presented in a wide variety, and taste almost as good as liquids to the natural composition. Natural is created in laboratories by experience, they include essential oils, and various extracts and essences from plants.

Interestingly users often choose flavorings with berry flavors.

Thus, among the liquids that the availability on the market, are popular formulations:

  • strawberry;
  • raspberry;
  • cherry flavor.

In addition, among avid fans of cigarettes in great demand with the traditional flavors of tobacco notes.

It is important to taste such compositions are nearly identical, but it is less harmful to health and the environment.

How do I mix the liquid

Many who only goes to Weipa, were at a loss when you need to prepare a composition for a guy. In fact, nothing complicated in this task no. Liquid consists of:

  • propylene glycol;
  • glycerol;
  • of distilled water;
  • flavored base;
  • nicotine (if required).

2 The first component is selected from edible varieties, so safe for the body. Each substance in the composition plays a role. Thus, propylene glycol pair amplifies fortress, glycerol responsible for the formation of dense smoke, distilled water softens the taste, aroma and base gives Weipa a particular smell. Features selecting

The information will be useful and experienced bathers and those who are just beginning familiarity with Weipa. There are some practical tips that can serve as guidelines in selecting a particular composition:

  • To obtain a high-concentration pairs with good taste and aroma, it is better to give preference to natural products.
  • When creating your own mixes on the basis of flavor and other components of each user according to individual preferences to adjust strength and saturation.
  • Buy compositions hovers need only trusted manufacturers. At obscure firms flavoring agents may be of poor quality. They just do not provide the flavor of steam.
  • Cheap products are characterized by a low concentration of aromatic components. From this and the steam will be tasteless.

In general, it is necessary to understand that the quality of the flavor depends not only on the saturation. This factor affects the hovering and the pleasure it brings to the user. Therefore, you should choose only high quality flavors to fully enjoy the process and not to jeopardize their own health.