What will be trendy nail designs in 2015?

What will be trendy nail designs in 2015?

Dear friends, the weather outside happy every day and why it wants to update. Today's article will tell you about the novelties in the world of fashion manicure, which will be relevant in 2015!

If you are willing to completely transform her hands, then today's manicure trends is exactly what you need. So, the most fashionable manicure options in the current year will be:

Solid vivid color

Colors like:

  • violet,
  • red
  • gold,
  • Silver
  • black,
  • burgundy,
  • Orange and
  • blue will be the most trendy fashion to create a manicure in 2015.

This varnish can be glossy, and matte or extra shiny, metallic, depending on the destination of your manicure. Also in vogue smooth color transitions and effects "of the cosmos." You can make an incredibly spectacular manicure, if you try to buy a shellac in the online store.


What will be trendy nail designs in 2015?

French manicure, probably never go out of fashion! After all, he unusually attractive, practical and absolutely appropriate everything from office and ending partying at the wedding. Wherever jacket looks contemporary and modern!

In spring and summer such manicure can be formed as a light pastel colors, and in any bright saturated colors.

Try also to use instead of a monochromatic stripes print "Leopard" or "zebra". Feel free to add stickers or prints - your manicure will be unforgettable! Manicure "Caviar"

What will be trendy nail designs in 2015?

The most fashionable design polish 2015 - it Caviar, manicure or "caviar". It runs on top of a conventional varnish using special small beads that resemble caviar. "Eggs" be like multicolored jewels - bright and multi-colored or soft white, reminiscent of frost.

Thus varnish may be coated on the entire nail plate or to perform drawing. Especially this kind of looks gorgeous manicure combined with lipstick "Caviar".

Stencils and stickers

What will be trendy nail designs in 2015?

Wink his entire creativity will be using special stencils, stickers or templates for nail design in the 2015 spring-summer season. Especially popular are golden motifs, rhinestones, imitation gemstones.


What will be trendy nail designs in 2015?

Fashion on the geometric design and made it to the tips of nails. All sorts of variations: cells, strips, lozenges and rectangles ruled fashionable ball.

Another trend spring-summer season 2015 - a kaleidoscope of patterns.

Floral motifs

What will be trendy nail designs in 2015?

Romantic nature will appreciate a manicure, because in the current year are in vogue floral motifs. Flowers can be drawn as a thin brush and stuck, and even lined with rhinestones.