How to choose a men's suit

How to choose a men's suit

Choosing the right size suit - the first and most important step when buying. The right choice depends also on the design, silhouette suit and the basic parameters of the human body (for the top - it's the size and chest circumference, Trouser - the size and circumference of the thigh).

How to choose a men's suit?

Do not be afraid to deviate from its normal size when choosing a costume. For example, a man with a chest girth of 102 cm, traditionally chooses the size of 50. However, depending on the model, it can choose a suit of the 48th and even 46th the size. Everything will depend on the style and suit the destination, type of fabric and trim.

The rule number 1 Choose a suit of jacket and trousers not

Often, the girth of the chest and waist circumference of men do not correspond to the same size. A common mistake in this case, the choice of costume pants that are suitable in size and fit well. The main focus should be on top. This is due to the fact that the size of the trousers is much easier to adjust, since their times has this opportunity. Tailor can easily increase or decrease the size of the trousers up to a full size.

How to choose a men's suit

Rule number 2 shoulders

The first thing to consider when choosing a jacket - this is how it sits in the shoulder area. Other parameters may be easily adjusted: it is possible to shorten or lengthen sleeve podsobrat jacket or expand in the middle or side seams.

How to choose a men's suit

Rule number 3 Sleeve

jacket sleeve end where begins the hand and cuff shirts must look out from under the jacket to a length of one and a half centimeters (allowable length is 2 5 cm). Despite the fact that it is generally known to all, many men ignore it.

How to choose a men's suit

In fact, it is not only aesthetic, but also practical function: to protect the cuff of his jacket sleeves from staining. It is much easier to wash a shirt than a jacket to hand over to the dry cleaners. For the same reason above the shirt collar jacket gates by about 1, 5 cm.

Rule number 4 length trousers

Pants length depends on their width. The principle is simple - the thicker and longer pants, the shorter it should be. Slacks can reach the back of the shoe heel and the front part - they have to form a crease. Permissible length trousers average width reaches the middle of the heel shoes. Only tight pants can open ankle.

How to choose a men's suit

Rule number 5 fabric texture

We are used to pay attention to the compatibility of colors but often forget about the texture of fabric suit, shirt, tie and pocket handkerchief. A key role in the choice of texture plays a season. A separate group consists of so-called "all-season" classic suits, where the density of wool average. They can be easily supplemented with the same universal shirt and silk tie.

How to choose a men's suit

When selecting a winter coat or suit of soft, heavy or textured fabrics, do not combine them with light summer ties.

Rule number 6 Pattern and Color

The basic principle with respect to the structure of a suit, shirt, tie and pocket handkerchiefs - the right combination of colors and prints. In keeping with this rule, it is possible to combine a jacket with a shirt that has a similar texture, but not as pronounced.

How to choose a men's suit

templates is considered a "rule of three colors", which involves a combination of three colors in a complex manner. The vest can be different from the color of the suit and tie - with a pocket handkerchief, but if it will be in harmony, no one could blame you.

If you are not sure of the combination of patterns, colors and textures, it is advisable to listen to the advice of a consultant or choose the texture you recommend the latest men's fashion trends.

Rule number 7 shoes and socks

Black boots are essential for a tuxedo and formal suits. Brown shoes - a versatile and easy to color, combined with costumes.

How to choose a men's suit

Socks, in turn, does not necessarily have to match the color of the shoe. If we are talking about a suit, tuxedo, then you should give preference to black socks. Otherwise, sometimes even better if the socks "are not merged" with the color of the shoe.