Stylish shorts - must have spring-summer 2015

Stylish shorts - must have spring-summer 2015

Shorts, probably one of the most essential wardrobe pieces in the spring-summer season. They are comfortable to wear, but they look very stylish, they you will feel not only comfortable, but also self-confidence.

Shorts should have in her wardrobe of a woman of any age, because of their variety of models has no boundaries. The most relevant models of women's shorts for spring-summer 2015 will be:

  • Minimalist Bermuda;
  • Lace shorts;
  • Models with exotic prints.

Shorts, so attractive subject of women's wardrobe, they can make you a fashion icon, not only on the beach but also in the office. The main thing is not to disregard the terms of dress code, and to prefer more classic models of the relevant time and place flowers. If you like this kind of clothing, I suggest you look at and buy women's shorts, because there is a huge selection and great prices!

It can be classic shorts with an arrow, side pockets and cuffs on the bottom edge. Color - gray, white, black and all shades of pastel. If you have a day off, and you want to spend it with friends in a cafe, put on shorts with a bright print. Make your city more vivid, draw the attention of others!

For a romantic date, nothing is more appropriate than the lacy shorts that can be worn together with a fine chiffon or silk blouse. Even the decorations on the neck or deep cleavage in this case is not required, because the shorts open legs, and that is enough. You can not reveal all the cards at once.

For the brave and resolute women of fashion, as well as those who are confident in their body attractiveness, there are gym shorts. A characteristic feature of this style is an extreme mini length and a high waist. However, these shorts is better not to wear in their place - the beach, remember that.

So, dear ladies, be a trend, but do not neglect the rules of decency. You should always remember that the dress should be suitable for the social atmosphere, and does not make you a white crow or a clown. Modesty adorns a woman attracts men.