Drawing a girl in the style of PinUp

Drawing a girl in the style of PinUp

PinUp (pin up) - American style charts originated in the mid-20th century and comes from the literal translation pin, meaning the poster is pinned to the wall.

Girl Pin-up girl or pin up girl - it is usually a fashion model, fashion model and actress, whose painted image dispersed in large quantities and became iconic art objects to the pop culture of the time.

Pin-up girl image in the style bore the idealized and embellished the essence of how to look really attractive girl and being a kind works of art, these images opened at the time of such artists as Charles Dan Gibson, Alberto Vargas and George Petty. Helping to reveal the talent of these artists, their works were published in calendars and placed on top while posters hang on the wall. Many of the models that have become Girl Pin-up girl on popular graphics were mannequins or celebrities and are perceived by others as sex symbols of the era. One of the most famous models in the style Pin-up girl was Betty Grable, her star has been born in an era when there were unheard of this technique as a digital video camera, but the art of photography in full infancy. Posters with her picture were popular among American soldiers during the Second World War and were intended to raise their spirit and strives to win.

Pin-up girl image in the style often used in advertising since the appearance to this day.

Let's look at some of the illustrations in the style Pin-up girl!