How to moisturize your hair in the home

How to moisturize your hair in the home

Many girls are particularly exposed to the advertising tricks, blindly believing promotional campaigns, are willing to spend huge amounts of money on cosmetic products for hair care, not knowing that much of what is offered in the shop is not only very effective, but sometimes and very dangerous.

After all, the chemical composition of such funds only and is full of all sorts of parabens and dinitrate, additives and concentrates that can make your hair worse. Another thing is a natural remedy for hair that is not only cheap, but always at hand, such as eggs, fruits and vegetables, herbs and oils.

Consider what means can moisturize your hair at home, to make it easier, safer and better than the expensive cosmetics from the store. And what vitamins for hair growth are the best, you can read in the women's online magazine


Such as the burdock oil, jojoba, coconut or olive oil, can work wonders not only your hair, but also with the scalp, especially effective for those who suffer from dry scalp and itching. Make a mask from the oils and you will notice results after the first application.


Eggs with the addition of yogurt, the cheapest ridge deposited on the hair - a very effective remedy for dry hair, which is everything else adds shine and helps to strengthen the hair.


Banana, kiwi, mango - mash the pulp of any of these fruits and apply on hair, cover your head with plastic wrap or a shower cap and hold for 30-40 minutes. Rinse with water and you will see the result.