Devices for beauty salons make up competition

Devices for beauty salons make up competition

Modern appliances for beauty, which are used in the home, a real rival almost any salons, hairdressing and cosmetology.

Such home appliances are not only cheaper, they are very easy to use, and most importantly, they do not require any special skills and special skills, plus, they stay with you for years to come, which saves your budget.

Of course, such devices still can not be compared with professional work beautician, dentist and stylist, and you will not notice fully visiting the hairdresser, but you will be able to maintain its beauty at home, saving time and money.

Here is the top of the coolest modern appliances for your beauty:

cleaner pores

Apparatus for vacuum cleaning the face with a moisturizing function operates on a mini vacuum cleaner that can suck a long all the accumulated dirt there, rid your face of the infamous and those pesky blackheads. The technology is based priborchiki sound vibrations which may also act by more gentle as the tumbler for smoothing fine lines. These gadgets can be found in brands such as Panasonic, Blissworld.

Devices for beauty salons make up competition

An apparatus for tooth whitening

Special laths this hardware treated your teeth whitening gel, by acting on the tooth enamel, together with a special blue light. The procedure is painless and versatile, but not suit owners thinning sensitive enamel. If this device does not help, then be sure to use the procedure endootbelivaniya. It is the most modern method of struggle for the whiteness of the teeth, allowing to literally work miracles, look at reviews of teeth endootbelivanii and see for yourself.

Lamps for phototherapy

Ultraviolet or infrared light not only helps to improve the condition of the face and body skin, remove scars, but also stimulates the production of collagen. Another huge plus - this beauty-treatment is very effective against the manifestations of acne.

Massager Face

This device - a very necessary thing, especially for women over 30, because the skin of the face, neck and décolleté with age requires more careful and the best care. Massager provides to the skin with the help of microcurrent therapy, carefully removing and smoothing wrinkles, scars, removing pigmentation.

The vibrating mascara

Brush this "magic wand" plays up to 7 thousand. Vibrations per minute, which allows you to apply mascara is much more accurate over a thin layer, to avoid the appearance of lumps, which makes the makeup more durable and accurate. Estee Lauder and Maybelline - The brand offers a mascara.

A list of these amazing devices in order to maintain the beauty is far from complete, as a modern and progressive the beauty industry does not stop there, continuing to develop and produce new products to combat aging, skin defects, hair falling out, and so on. D.