Ultra trendy summer manicure 2015

Ultra trendy summer manicure 2015

If you want to be perfect and beautiful always, do not forget one very important part of your image - beautiful nails, but rather about a neat manicure. Healthy and well-groomed hands, and with them, and nails - a real golden key to a solid self-confidence, as well as the admiring glances of others.

Let's see what we are preparing manicure trends in spring and summer 2015.

manicure ideas from fashion stylists

If you are viewing at least one of the fashion magazines dedicated manicure, you'll be amazed at the incredible number of trends in manicure on a warm season in 2015. I present to you the idea of ​​the most beautiful modern and stylish manicure, which is sure you will like it!

"Caviar" manicure nails or sugar

Ultra trendy summer manicure 2015

This type of modern manicure most stylish fashionistas will appreciate, love all the original and very unusual. These stylish sugar nails look attractive and unusual. You want to do something like that, then you Uruchcha manicure.

Manicure with thermal lacquer

Ultra trendy summer manicure 2015

Heat nail manicure designed for the most die-hard fashionistas worldwide. This type of varnish changes its color depending on the temperature changes.

Glitter and nothing but sequins!

Ultra trendy summer manicure 2015

The coating is applied almost immediately after you are dealt a regular polish on your nails before it dries, then it should be secured with a special transparent fixing structure for strength. Shine, size, shape and brightness can be so different that the use of options and combinations of such a huge amount of glitter. Use several different types of sequins in a manicure, because it is so fashionable!

The Universe on your nails

Ultra trendy summer manicure 2015

And one of the most fashionable trends of this warm season - a fantastic galactic manicure. It can be a whole constellation of stars, planets, space bodies and any weight other things associated with the cosmos. The universe on your nails - it is always attractive and stylish. So your nails look mysterious and stunningly beautiful.

manicure trends from the most famous designers in the Summer of 2015

Ultra trendy summer manicure 2015 Ultra trendy summer manicure 2015

We must recognize that in this season, many designers do not greatly perplexed in terms of manicure. At least 90% of the fashion houses have chosen the easiest possible manicure options for handles its models. Perhaps they took care of that all the attention-hungry public innovations focused only on the clothes, not the manicure. In addition, in the warm season of 2015, manicure style Nude became the undisputed favorite among the goals. On fashion images from the catwalks, you can see beautiful ideas for manicure from fashion houses such as Christian Dior, Versace, Balenciaga, Chloé, Emilio Pucci.

Manicure catwalk

The remaining 10% - this is a manicure done with a simple and uniform coating. There is not a French manicure or Ombre. Thus, Chanel models, we are able to differentiate amongst a banal red lacquer, or brown in a matte version - on the beauty from Giorgio Armani.

Creating a memorable image of a stylish, do not forget about such important details as manicure. Beautiful, healthy and really well-groomed nails - exactly what can lift your mood and create an original look. Be fashionable with a perfect manicure for summer 2015.