How to wear clothes in the style of boho-chic

How to wear clothes in the style of boho-chic

One of the most spectacular styles of women's clothing, which exists as one of the trends in the world of fashion is a boho-chic or bohemian chic, which is an important part of the fashion lines of many brands and design houses.

Initially, the etymology of the word originates from the territory of the modern Czech Republic. Longing for freedom and the desire to break all the accepted rules and dogmatic stereotypes of the world around them, carriers of these ideologies was created by a very specific and really unique style, serving as an indispensable source of inspiration even today. If you close in spirit bohemian goddess and her style, then make sure you know all the rules and guidelines on how to wear clothes in this style is right!

When we talk about the boho style, we can not fail to mention also the similarities that exist between it and the hippie style, but also something in common with retro images. However, the basic trend of boho-chic can be divided into three main groups.

To classic boho is characterized by details such as mohair, velvet, jersey, often supplemented with jacquard motifs.

For romantic Boho is peculiar to the use of soft and weightless fabrics such as lace and chiffon. Floral decorations, ribbons and fringe are also a good way to create a romantic and dreamy images in the style of boho-chic. Tendency to the retro look is well traced in the direction of style. The next varintom boho style is mixing with style hippie, which covers its characteristic components and promotes their fusion with bohemian ideology. The result of this tandem is the use of the generous and bright colors, combined with romantic girlish vibrations.

How to wear clothes in the style of boho-chic

There are certain principles that underlie the design looks boho, according to which it is important not to copy the styles and designs, and come up with something creative and personal, and do not forget to complement the image of accessories with which you can easily place the main emphasis. As for the designs, one of the primary feature is the use of multiple layers of fabric or easy layering, oversized knitted sweaters, complementing dresses, accessories and a variety of eye-catching and colorful bags, but it should be in charming harmony with each other.

The easiest way to integrate the bohemian style of dress in your wardrobe, it is settled there maxi dress or a maxi skirt, which can easily be combined with crochet tops, oversized T-shirts with graphic prints. Also here include tunics, bulky bags, knitted sweater, ripped jeans, shorts, overalls, free mini-dress, crochet, denim and fur vests and other typical dresses bohemian style. As for shoes in this style, I think, sandals or gladiators neutral ankle boots with buckles or with heavy fringe will be an ideal option. Wide-brimmed hats, turbans, hats and headbands, colorful scarves and sunglasses in a retro style, bracelets and other jewelry can be the perfect finishing touch, complement your bow in the style of boho-chic!

Comfort, neutral colors and lightness - the main descriptive elements of bohemian chic. While apparel and accessories occupy a central place in this style, it is equally important to pay attention to your hair and makeup. Boho - chic style that requires minimal make-up and easy hairstyle to create a sufficient rise in the morning with a private or careless plait braid and relaxed ponytail.

First of all pay attention to the skin, synthetic fabrics, polyester and natural elements such as fur. For lovers of boho, it's not just fashion, but also, as a rule, a way of life. They are often vegetarians and conservationists. Among the celebrities can mention names such as Kate Moss, which is considered one of the founders of this style, Sienna Miller, Olsen sisters, Kirsten Dunst, Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton and Neve Campbell.

How to wear clothes in the style of boho-chic How to wear clothes in the style of boho-chic How to wear clothes in the style of boho-chic How to wear clothes in the style of boho-chic How to wear clothes in the style of boho-chic